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Translation:Shulchan Aruch by Yosef Karo, translated from Hebrew by Wikisource
Orach Chaim 51: Laws of pesukei d'zimra

Laws of pesukei d'zimra

דיני תפלה מן ברוך שאמר עד ישתבח

Paragraph 1 – One says baruch she'amar before the pesukei d'zimra and yishtabach afterwards.

סעיף א - אומרים ברוך שאמר קודם פסוקי דזמרה וישתבח לאחריהם:

Paragraph 2 - If one finishes baruch she'amar before the chazan has finished one responds "Amen" (after he finishes).

סעיף ב - אם סיים ברוך שאמר קודם שסיים החזן עונה אחריו אמן

Paragraph 3 - One may answer Amen after his own reading of Yistabach

סעיף ג - אחר ישתבח יכול לענות אמן אחר ברכת עצמו (ועיין לקמן סימן רט"ו):

Paragraph 4 - One must be careful not to interrupt by talking from the beginning of Baruch Sheamar until after Shemona Esreh . Rema: One should not speak between ברוך שאמר and ישתבח even for the sake of a mitzvah.

סעיף ד -

Paragraph 5 - Between paragraphs one may ask about another’s well being as a show of honor and one may respond to anyone’s greeting. In the middle of a paragraph one may ask about another’s well being out of fear and one may respond as a show of honor.

סעיף ה -

Paragraph 6 -

סעיף ו -

Paragraph 7 -

סעיף ז -

Paragraph 8 -

סעיף ח -

Paragraph 9 -

סעיף ט -