Translation:Shulchan Aruch/Orach Chaim/52

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1. If one arrives in shul and finds the tzibbur at the end of pesukei d’zimra he should say – ברוך שאמר , אשרי , הללו את ה ‘ מן השמים , הללו ק ל בקדשו and if there is additional time he should say הודו until והוא רחום and then he should skip to והוא רחום that precedes אשרי since between those points are just a collection of pesukim, then afterwards one says ישתבח followed by יוצר אור , Krias Shema and its berachos so that he could say Shemoneh Esrei with the tzibbur. If there is not that much time, one may skip הללו את ה ‘ מן השמים . If there is even less time he should just say ברוך שאמר , אשרי , and ישתבח . If the tzibbur began the beracha of יוצר and there is not sufficient time to say pesukei d’zimra even in an abbreviated form one should read Krias Shema and its berachos with the tzibbur as well as Shemone Esrei and then go back and read pesukei d’zimra without the beracha before and after. Nevertheless, one must say all the berachos that one is obligated to recite in the morning.