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Translation:Shulchan Aruch
by Yosef Karo, translated from Hebrew by Wikisource
Yoreh Deah
10586Translation:Shulchan Aruch — Yoreh DeahYosef Karo

Note: As of Mar. 2020 there are at least three very partial English translations at, including the Public Domain CC-0 Sefaria community version. However that version has only two simanim, whereas here, there are many more simanim completed or started. Two sections of YD there have publisher translations (license not clear per an admin there): Charity: 247-259, Avelut: 335-403

An asterisk (*) after a section indicates it appears complete, at least in draft.     Edit TOC

Topic Index
(Siman 1-122) Yoreh Deah Part 1 - Forbidden Foods:
1–28 Ritual Slaughter * 236–239 Oaths
29–60 Unslaughterable Animals 240–241 Honoring One's Father and Mother
61 Priestly Gifts 242 Honoring One's Rabbi and a Torah Scholar
62 A Limb from a Live Animal 243–244 Honoring a Torah Scholar
63 Meat that was Unobserved 245 Teachers
64 Prohibited Fats 246 Torah Study
65–68 Blood 247–259 Charity
69–78 Salting * 260–266 Circumcision *
79–80 Domesticated and Undomesticated Kosher Animals 267 Slaves
81 Things that Come From a Live Animal 268–269 Converts
82 Birds 270–284 A Torah Scroll
83 Fish 285–291 Mezuzah *
84–85 Insects 292 Sending Away the Mother Bird
86 Eggs 293 New Grain
87–97 Meat with Milk 294 Orlah
98–111 Admixtures 295 Inter-species Mingling of Trees
112–119 Food of Gentiles * 296 Inter-species Mingling of the Vineyard
120–121 The Koshering of Implements * 297a Inter-species Mingling of Vegetation
122 That Which Gives Detrimental Taste * 297b Inter-species Mingling of Animals
(Siman 123-202) Yoreh Deah Part 2:
123–137 Libational Wine 298–304 Inter-species Mingling of Clothing
138–158 Idolatry 305 Redemption of the Firstborn Son
159–177 Interest 306–320 The Firstborn of a Kosher Animal
178 Practices of Idolaters 321 The First Birth of a Donkey
179 Divination and Magic 322–330 Challah
180 Tattooing and the Making of Bald Spots 331–333 Terumot, Tithes, Poor-Gifts and First Shearings
181 Shaving 334 Taboo and Excommunication *
182 A Man Shall Not Wear a Woman's Garment 335–339 Visiting the Sick, Healing, and One Who Is Dying or Deathly Ill
183–200 The Menstruant 340 Rending One's Clothes
201–202 Ritual Baths 341 First-Day Mourning
(Siman 203-403) Yoreh Deah Part 3:
203–235 Vows 342–403 Mourning

Ritual Slaughter[edit]

The Law Regarding The Covering of the Blood[edit]

Unslaughterable Animals[edit]

Priestly Gifts[edit]

A Limb from a Live Animal[edit]

Meat that was Unobserved[edit]

Prohibited Fats[edit]



Domesticated and Undomesticated Kosher Animals[edit]

Things that Come From a Live Animal[edit]





Meat with Milk[edit]


Food of Gentiles[edit]

The Koshering of Implements[edit]

That Which Gives Detrimental Taste[edit]

Libational Wine[edit]



Practices of Idolaters[edit]

Divination and Magic[edit]

Tattooing and the Making of Bald Spots[edit]


A Man Shall Not Wear a Woman's Garment[edit]

The Menstruant[edit]

Ritual Baths[edit]



Honoring One's Father and Mother[edit]

Honoring One's Rabbi and a Torah Scholar[edit]

Honoring a Torah Scholar[edit]


Torah Study[edit]





A Torah Scroll[edit]


Sending Away the Mother Bird[edit]

New Grain[edit]


Inter-species Mingling of Trees[edit]

Inter-species Mingling of the Vineyard[edit]

Inter-species Mingling of Vegetation[edit]

Inter-species Mingling of Animals[edit]

Inter-species Mingling of Clothing[edit]

Redemption of the Firstborn Son[edit]

The Firstborn of a Kosher Animal[edit]

The First Birth of a Donkey[edit]


Terumot, Tithes, Poor-Gifts and First Shearings[edit]

Taboo and Excommunication[edit]

Siman 335 to 403 are available at Sefaria in a CC-BY license, by Chaim N. Denberg, 1955, at the following URL, and should be imported to here:'ah.335?ven=Code_of_Hebrew_Law_by_Chaim_N._Denburg,_Montreal,_1955

Visiting the Sick, Healing, and One Who Is Dying or Deathly Ill[edit]

  • 335 When one may visit the sick, which sick to visit, and how you pray for him
  • 336 Laws regarding a doctor
  • 337 Someone sick who has a death [in the family]
  • 338 Confessional of a sick person
  • 339 Laws of a Gosses (and the recitation of the Tziduk HaDin) and what are good signs

Rending One's Clothes[edit]