Translation:Shulchan Aruch/Yoreh Deah/264

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Shulchan Aruch by Yosef Karo, translated from Hebrew by Wikisource
Yoreh Deah 264

ךסדךסד Who is fitting to circumcise, and with what you can circumcise and how to circumcise.

א Everyone is kosher perform circumcision even a slave, a woman, a child and an uncircumcised Jew whose brother had died from circumcision. But if there is an adult male Jew that knows how to perform circumcision he gets presidence over them all. And there are those who say that a woman does not circumcise סמק והנהות מרדכי and this is our custom to beautify with a male but an Idol worshipper even if he is circumcised, the circumcision is not a circumcision. And if he did do the circumcision we don't require returning to do a second circumcision. and there are those that say that he is obligated to return and take a drop of blood (tur in the name of the smug) and this is the essence. An apostate of all the Torah or an apostate of circumcision is like a idol worshipper כײמ בשײס פײב דעײי and in the tur and Bet Yoseh in the name of the רי מנוח ובײה ודײמ שבאײז מסתפק) A baby that needs to be circumcised before the eigth day because of danger it does not matter whether it is done by a jew or by and idol worshipper because all circumcisions done before the eigth day are not called brit milah. If there are tags of flesh left over that invalidate the circumicision or if he was circumcised bu the mucous membrane was not removed, a Jew should finish the circumcision on the eigth day or after it heels (rashba). There are those that return to beautify the after

Seif 3 - How do we circumcise? We cut the foreskin, the skin that surrounds the glans penis until the glans penis is revealed and then uncover the soft membrane that is underneath the (external) skin with a fingernail and move it back and forth until the glans penis is visible. Afterwards we suck the blood until the blood comes out from the distant places so that the child will not be put in danger. Any mohel that does not suck, we remove him from his position. After he sucks, he puts on it an bandage, or a dressing, or a touch of medicine that stops the bleeding. HAGAH – You should be careful that if the bandage with flaps, it should be flipped to the outside, not to the inside so that it does not stick to the wound and endanger the child.