Translation:Shulchan Aruch/Yoreh Deah/263

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Shulchan Aruch by Yosef Karo, translated from Hebrew by Wikisource
Yoreh Deah 263

רסג One who was born and was red or yellow or whose children had died from cirumcision

א A baby that was born and was yellow (jaundiced) this is a sign that he does not have enough blood and we don't circumcise him until the blood returns and he looks like the majority of babies. So too if we find that he is red it is a sign that his blood is not in his limbs but in his flesh and we don't circumcise him until his blood returns. We need to be very careful in these matters so that we don't circumcise him or have a suspicion of ilness. Danger to his life pushes away all that if there is a posibility to circumcise him after the time then we should be careful about the life of one jew so that he endures.

ב A women whose first son died as a result of circumcision it lost its strength. They circumcised the second one and he died as a result of the circumcision. We don't circumcise the third one until he is grown up and reached his full strength because he might die. This is the law if a man had a son and he died from the circumcision, he had another who died from the circumcision we don't circumcise the third one whether they were from one wife or from two. (there are those who argue and hold that it is not with a man only with a woman (chidush agudah we see in perek rabbi Eliezer de milah) and in questions of life we are lenient)

ג And this is the law if a women had a son who died from the circumcision and her sister also had a son who died from the circumcision with the rest of the sisters we don't circumcise their children until they have grown and have become stronger.

ד One who was born and it is as if he was circumcised we have draw some blood and we may find that the foreskin is ingrown and he needs circumcision. You should check very closely by hands and look with your eyes but should not probe with metal that he should not לעייק and you should see and be very careful that if you circumcise him and you should wait a long time and don't suspect the eigth day so that he won't come to danger.

ה A baby that died before his eigth day you circumcise him before burial with a reed of a knife. You don't make a blessin on the circumcision but you give him a name to the boy so that Hashem will have mercy and that he will be resurected at the end of days.