Translation:Shulchan Aruch/Yoreh Deah/20

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1) The place to slaughter is on the neck by the carotid that leading towards the head.From the opening of the sternohyoid and below. This is before the Esophagus becomes wide. That is where there are carotids left.They are located from the upper carotid, beneath the big cervical opening that is like two hoppers from the body to the dispenser . Those carotids are called “cheiti”.If he slit into the carotids and the cervices remained slightly connected on the top, it is kosher because he slit opening of the sternohyoid and below. If nothing is left from the carotid but slit from above the carotid that is a destruction—meaning the cause of using the knife outside the place of slaughter towards the head of the body—is rejected. And its ring below is until the tip of the (upper) lobe of the lung… When you are going to inflate the lung and the laube, the place where it reaches at the tip that is the same place where it reached when the animal was alive and it was grazing in it regular way when it would stretch out its neck to graze without it having to stretch out its neck anymore then what's usual.

2) And in the gullet, (the place of slaughter) begins in the spot where when we cut it will shrivel, until the point down below that it begins getting scales and hair like the inside of a stomach. If you slaughter above from this place, this is called the “Turbatz haveshet”, or if you slaughter below this area which is the beginning of were the intestines begin, the slaughter is unacceptable. And this section of (Turbatz haveshet) that is not fit for shechitah up above, Regarding a domesticated or wild animal it's an amount that you are able to grab with two fingers and regarding a fowl, it all depends how large or small. And the section (of the slaughter) is until the (roof of ) throat.

3) A slaughterer needs to slaughters it in the middle of the neck; and if you slaughter on sides of the neck, the slaughter will be acceptable, (only) if he turned the signs back and he knows that he cut them before cutting the neck bone, because the signs are soft and they get pushed away from the knife, It is the same halacha if you slaughter it from the back of the neck.

4) It is to good to be careful, to feel around the signs (before slaughtering) in order that the knife should cut them before it cuts the flesh of the neck. And with doves we find that the signs are on the sides so we insure that one must have skilled hands and have great caution, if we can’t feel the signs before slaughter it is likely that you may come to be negligent and you will cut the neck before the simanim.