Translation:Shulchan Aruch/Yoreh Deah/65

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There are certain strings (blood vessels) which are forbidden (with regard to consumption) because of the blood that is contained within them. For example: the vessels of the hand (front leg), the shoulder, the lower jaw/cheek that is on the side of the tongue (i.e. inside the mouth)on both sides of the head, the tongue, the neck, the vessels of the heart, the vessels of the spine, and the vessels of intestines which are contained in the fat that surrounds the intestines like a complitcated spider web. And we are accustomed to removing the three long vessels in the inside of the chest. We also remove the vessels one the back side of the ears. And these are general stringencies. And likewise the membrane of the brain that is in the skull, and the membrane of the testicles are all forbidden because of blood. Salting will not effect them if they are not cut prior to the salting. All that has been said is only for cooking in a pot, but for grilling: it is not necessary to either cut (the vessels) or salt (the meat) because the flame will surely draw out (the blood). There are those who say that this is only if the vessels are immediately facing the face of the fire, but if they are absorbed (covered) by the flesh the fire will not be effective with out first cutting the vessels. If they are not removed, and the are cooked with out cutting- there must be 60 for every one of the vessels. But with grilling, it is enough to simply peel them i.e. remove the outer layer.


The one who wants to exempt themselves from the cutting of these vessels- can not rely on only cutting the flesh, rather they must cut the flesh and the bone into two. The vessels of the neck are not of these, rather you must cut the entire spine in two.