Translation:Shulchan Aruch/Orach Chaim/244

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A person agrees with a non-Jew about work to be done and sets a price, and the non-Jew does the work by himself, even if he works on Shabbat, it is permissible. This law is discussed when the work is done in private since most people won’t recognize that this work is being done on Shabbat for the Jew, but if it was well known and publicized, then it is prohibited because when others look at the non-Jew work, they don’t know that the Jew and the non-Jew set a price and they will say that the Jew is hiring the non-Jew to do work for him on Shabbat. Therefore, one who establishes work with a non-Jew to build a house, a courtyard, a wall, or to harvest his field: if the work is in the same state, and in the t’chum, it is forbidden to allow the non-Jew to work on Shabbat because those who see him will not know a price has been set. RAMA: And even if the Jew lives among non-Jews, there is still what to be concerned regarding guests or members of his own household who will suspect him. And if the work was outside the t’chum and also no other city is within the t’chum where work is being done then it is permissible, and the non-Jews that enter sheep belonging to Jews to pen of his field.