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Hi Ben! This Orach Chaim index would be much easier to use if the numbers were more "concentrated" - you could probably get about 50 simanim per line, and then it would be easy to tell which ones have content.

If you are worried about later adding titles to the simanim, and then is why you want each one on its own line, then perhaps you might consider a condensed list of numbers at the top, followed by a more expansive list with titles beneath it. Dovi 05:49, 19 May 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for adding in section headings, Dovi! Do you think each section should be on its own page? Not sure if people would be more likely to look something up by number, or by section.

I had a similar dilemma in the Hebrew Shulchan Arukh project. At first I did as Dovi suggested here, condensing the numbers. Then, as I added simanim, I expanded each one in a separate line. Eventually, when all the Shulchan arukh Orach Hayyim is added, each siman woold have its own line.
As for sections, I think they should all be on the same page, as in the Hebrew. -- Nevuchadnezzar 12:01, 12 October 2005 (UTC)

format and comments[edit]

the title page seems fine as is.

having looked thru a few entries, there seem to be two styles; english only with rema, and hebrew english with no perushim.

it would be helpful to adapt a uniform style, english and hebrew both, and include rema and at least the mogen avraham. less than this set of commentaries, would not really be enough to be minimally useful.

unsigned comment by (talk) 9 Aug. 2007.

I don't think translating the entire set of nos'ei keilim on Shu"a is either realistically feasable or desirable, and just the m"a seems to me defeat the purpose.
The mishna berura may be more useful than just the m"a alone, but of course would require more time than our current stock of volunteers could possibly handle.
As I see it, the scope of this project in its current form is limited to Shu"a & Rem"a, with both Hebrew & English.
I don't remember seeing here any entries with English only. I do recall that certain entries have both the Hebrew and an English translation, and some only have the Hebrew. However, As far as I can recall, all entries have both Shu"a and Rema.
--Nevuchadnezzar 09:02, 18 April 2008 (UTC)

Chapters[edit] appears to break it out into chapters; I don't see that here.

unsigned comment by (talk) 08:03, 18 April 2008.

The page here breaks the text into the actual chapters (simanim) found in the original. creates its own chapters; it is a paraphrase or a restatement, not a translation. Dovi 03:04, 18 April 2008 (UTC)