Translation:Shulchan Aruch/Orach Chaim/262

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To Sanctify Shabbat With a Set Table and Clean Clothes, 3 Seifim: (1) One should set his table and take his cushions and arrange the appearances of the house, so that we should find it arranged and ordered when he returns from Synagogue. RAMA: It is that our tables are kept set all of Shabbat and such is the custom and one shouldn't change it. (Tur; Mordechai; Hagahos Maimoni)

(2) One should strive to have good clothing for Shabbat and if is impossible for him to do so, he should at least lengthen (meaning, he should lengthen the hem at the bottom so it is longer like the style of the wealthy who lounge around their homes, Rashi) his clothes at bottom in a respectful way.

(3) One should wear nice clothes and celebrate the arrival of Shabbat like the greeting of the king or the greeting of bride and groom. Rebbe Chanina would shroud himself in his garment and stand waiting on the evening approaching Shabbat and say " Come and go out to greet the Shabbat queen" and Rebbe Yannai would say "Come bride, Come bride." RAMA: and one should dress himself in Shabbat garments immediately after he bathes himself and this is an honor for Shabbat, and because of this, one should only bathe close to the evening [approaching Shabbat] so that he may dress himself immediately. (The new Hagahos Mordechai)