Translation:Shulchan Aruch/Orach Chaim/48

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1. We read Parshas HaTamid and some read סדר מערכ ה and .רבון העולמים If one cannot read all these paragraphs with the tzibbur one may read it even in his home and then read just Parshas HaTamid with the tzibbur and intend that it should be considered as though he was reading the Torah. People who are precise in their fulfillment of mitzvos have the custom to sway when they read the Torah similar to the Torah which caused people to tremble. When davening as well people sway as a fulfillment of the pasuk כל עצמותי תאמרנה ה’ מי כמו ך . On Shabbos we add after Parshas HaTamid pesukim that discuss the Shabbos Mussaf but on Rosh Chodesh and Yom Tov we do not add those pesukim since they are read as part of Tefilas Mussaf. Some maintain that we also read the pesukim of Rosh Chodesh and that is our custom in order to publicize that it is Rosh Chodesh and this will be recorded in Siman 421.