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The Greek Skeptics  (1887) 
by Victor Brochard, translated from French by Wikisource
Introduction to the translation. Please ascertain that you are reading the bilingual edition. See the Talk page for some details about this translation, especially if you are not a Wikisource guru. Note: we also have to edit the original French scan.)


The History of Skepticism
Chapter I. Presocratic Philosophy
Chapter II. Socrates and the Socratics
Book I
Early Skepticism
Chapter I. Division de l'histoire du scepticisme
Chapter II. The origins of early skepticism
Chapter III. Pyrrho
Chapter IV. Timon of Phleios
Book II
The New Academy
Chapter I. The origins of the New Academy
Chapter II. Arcesilaus
Chapter III Carneades. — His life and his doctrine
Chapter IV. Carneades. — Critical examination
Chapter V. Carneades' successors — Philo of Larissa
Chapter VI. Antiochus of Ascalon
Book III
Dialectic Skepticism
Chapter I. The Skeptic School
Chapter II. Aenesidemus
Chapter III. Aenesidemus — his skepticism
Chapter IV. Aenesidemus — Ses rapportes avec l’héraclitéisme
Chapter V. Aenesidemus — Critical examination
Chapter VI. Aenesidemus' successors — Agrippa
Book IV
Empirical Skepticism
Chapter I. The skeptic doctors — Menodotus and Sextus Empiricus
Chapter II. Empirical skepticism — destructive aspects
Chapter III. Empirical skepticism — constructive aspects
Chapter IV. Pyrrhonism and the New Academy