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Verbatim translation

Tolkappiyar1562762TolkāppiyamPrologue on Tolkappiyam4th century BCESengai Podhuvan
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Basic note to follow

  • Tolkappiyam is written by Tolkaapiyan (also Tolkaapiyar). Panampaaranaar, a schoolmate of him wrote a prologue on the work of Tolkaappiyar while it was published before the learned and his professor Athangoottaasaan in a court of a king Pandiyan (Nilam tharu thiruvin Pandian - means - Pandia, the king extended his region)
  • Proper names have been written in the portion of verbatim translation, as the transliteration noted in image.

Verbatim translation of the prologue


Tamil-speaking land was extended between Vee’ngadam (modern Tiruppathi) on the north and ocean Kumari on the south.
The spoken and written Tamil languages are the sources of his work.
He extends his study on phonetic letters, word-syntax and the matter revealed there-on.
He studied properly the culture of the language-people and his predecessors' conventions and wrote his work of 'linguistic knowledge'.
This work does not contain any objectionable point.
It has been published in the learned-court of the 'Nilantharu thiruvin Ne’diyoo’n.
Atankoo’ttaasaan is the name of his professor.
This professor is a man of balanced virtuous character.
During his presentation some raised-doubts of his professor were cleared.
The work is unambiguous.
The author of this work is well-versed in 'ainthiram'. He posses sound knowledge on sea-grit word.
Tholkaappiyan is a renowned sage.