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Sources, Chapter 1[edit]

First fourteen verses of chapter one were added by an editor without any sources given. The rest of chapter one was added by another editor, also without any source given. Alephb (talk)

Sources, Chapter 2-3[edit]

For this section, I'll be translating from the Masoretic Text, with any departures footnoted. Whenever it seems useful, I'll feel free to borrow wording from the KJV, ASV, Gesenius, Brown-Driver-Briggs, and Crawford's (1899, ICC) commentary. These are dated sources, because I want to ensure that nothing from copyrighted sources finds its way in. It would be a good idea, once I'm done, for me or someone else to carefully go through and see where more recent scholarship can shed light on the translation. If I ever knowingly translate in a way that is at odds with the majority of contemporary mainstream scholarship, I'll add a footnote to that affect, but it'll probably happen accidentally here and there. If I lean on sources other than the ones mentioned above, I'll clarify that with a footnote. Alephb (talk) 21:05, 20 January 2019 (UTC)