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Chapter 1[edit]

1 These are Solomon's proverbs, the son of David and king of Israel:

2 for attaining wisdom and teaching;

3 for learning prudence— doing what is right;

4 for informing the uninformed; for guiding the young and unexperienced;

5 also for those who are already wise;

6 and for understanding words of wisdom.

7 A revering attitude toward the LORD is the beginning of true knowledge,

But fools hate knowledge of prudence and wisdom.

8 Children, listen to the teaching of your parents.

9 Their instruction is very valuable for you, a treasure.

10 Dear reader, if sinful men seem alluring to you,

Do not submit to their false authority.

11 If they say to you, "Come, join us

and go hunting for innocent souls.

12 We can devour their innocence

In wonderful splendor.

13 We can go in to their houses

And take all their valuable items.

14 Then we will divide up the loot among us all." 15

My son, do not go with them on their way

Keep your foot from their road.

16 For their feet run for evil

And they are quick to spill blood.

17 For the net is spread in vain

In the eyes of every winged being.

18 And they lie to ambush their [own] blood

They hide [against] their own lives.

19 These are the ways of every seeker of wealth

it takes the life of its owner.


Wisdom sings outside

It gives voice in the streets.

21 It calls in the most bustling places

It speaks in the openings of the city gates.

22 Until when, O fools, will you love foolishness, and mockers [will you] desire mockery

and [how long will] idiots hate intelligence?

23 Return to my reproving

Here! I will speak my mind to you

I will tell you what I have to say to you.

24 For I called, but you refused,

I raised my hand, but there was no one listening.

25 And you disregarded all my advice,

And did not desire my reproving.

26 I too will rejoice in your distress

I will mock when your fears come true.

27 When your fear comes as a consumption,

and your distress arrives as a storm,

When trouble and narrow straits come upon you.

28 Then they will call me but I will not answer,

They will seek me, but will not find me.

29 Because they hated intelligence,

and did not choose the fear of Yahweh.

30 They did not desire my advice,

they cursed all my reproving.

31 And they will eat the fruit of their path,

And fill themselves with their counsels.

32 For the dismissive attitude of fools will kill them,

and the calmness of idiots will destroy them.

33 But he who hears me will live securely,

and safe from the fear of evil.