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Information about this edition
Edition: transl. by DB, edited by JB, then by Nissimnanach (talk)Nissimnanach
Level of progress:

Thanks to DB and JB[edit]

Notes from JB:

Attached is a new English edit of HaChacham veh HaTaam. It uses as a source the Story Tales Wikisources text based mainly on the Hebrew source text. This new edit uses the Yiddish as the source instead of the Hebrew, accept for a few instances where the Hebrew is more easily understood by the reader. Each time where the Hebrew is used, I made a comment in the "tracked changes" version. Two versions are attached: one with track changes from the Wiki text (to do: link here), and the other with just a small number of track changes and some notes to a translator who may use this as a source for further translation into another language (to do: link here).

Posted by Nissimnanach (talk) 19:58, 29 May 2013 (UTC)Nissimnanach