Tribute to Barrie and Michael Grobstein

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Tribute to Barrie and Michael Grobstein
by Brad Sherman

Tribute to Barrie and Michael Grobstein. Congressional Record. September 27, 1999. Extensions of Remarks. Page E1971. DOCID:cr27se99-23. (available online)


Monday, September 27, 1999

Mr. SHERMAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay tribute to Barrie and Michael Grobstein, who will be honored this year with the Circle of Life Award, given annually for service on behalf of the Jewish Home for the Aging, the largest continuing residential care facility in Southern California. Barrie and Michael are truly worthy of this distinguished award.

Through their involvement with The Executives, a group of business leaders from the San Fernando Valley formed to support this critically- needed facility, the Grobsteins have been instrumental in ensuring that the Jewish Home for the Aging has the financial support it needs to continue to provide seniors with the highest level of care. With the help of Barrie and Michael, The Executives has become one of the Los Angeles area's most distinguished and successful charitable organizations.

Michael has served as a founding member, executive committee member, and as president for three years of The Executives and its predecessor, The Valley Jewish Business Leaders Association.

The Jewish Home for the Aging is a truly unique facility. The average age of its 750 residents is 90 years. Each of its two campuses has a full-service medical clinic with state-of-the-art equipment and is staffed by on-site physicians, nurses, and medical and rehabilitation therapists. The Home's medical department is affiliated with UCLA's Division of Geriatric Medicine, and has developed a national reputation for its research in aging, long-term care, and Alzheimer's disease.

Barrie and Michael have been instrumental in making all this possible.

In addition to his work on behalf of the Jewish Home for the Aging, with Barrie's support Michael has served on the board of many other charitable organizations, including the Institute for Arteriosclerosis Research, Temple Valley Beth Shalom, International College, Ryokan College, the Pacific Association of Schools and Colleges, two organizations supporting the premier cancer research charity City of Hope, the West Coast Father's Day Council for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Sherman Oaks Hospital, and many others. Barrie also has been active in education on the danger of cults, serving as a Speaker for the Jewish's Federation's Anti-Cult Movement. She is also a long- term member of Valley Beth Shalom's Sisterhood.

The Grobstein's efforts on behalf of these charities and community groups have been paralleled by success in the business world. With Barrie's help, Michael's accounting practice grew from a one room office in 1967 to almost two floors in the same office building today and in one of the largest regional CPA firms in Los Angeles.

Mr. Speaker, Michael and Barrie Grobstein, who this year celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary, are two of the San Fernando Valley's finest community leaders. I urge you and all my colleagues to join me today in honor of their achievements. They have truly served their community with distinction.

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