Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hasard

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Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hasard  (1998) 
by Stéphane Mallarmé, translated by Peter G. Doyle

Copyright (C) 1998 Peter G. Doyle. This work is freely redistributable under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. Source.



MAYBE that the Abyss bleached furious slack under a slope planes wing hopelessly there his by advance fallen down of an evil to draw up the flight and covering the gushings crossing to the short-nap cloth the jumps very inside summarizes the shade hidden in the depth by this alternate sail until adapting to the scale its open depth as a hull of a leaning building of one or the other edge

The MASTER out of old calculations where the operation with the formerly inférant emerged age forgotten it empoignait the bar of this conflagration to its feet of the unanimous horizon that prepares agitates and mixes with the fist which étreindrait it like one threatens a destiny and the winds single Nombre which cannot be another Spirit to throw it in the storm in reployer division and to come to trust hesitate corpse by the isolated arm of the secrecy which it holds rather than to play as a maniac chenu the part in the name of the floods one invades the head runs out of subjected beard direct shipwreck that of the man without nave anywhere vain

ancestralement not to open not the hand contracted across the useless head legacy in disappearance with ambiguous somebody the later daemon immémorial having null regions induced the old man towards this supreme conjunction with the probability that its puerile shade cherished and polished and returned and washed softened by the wave and withdrawn from the hard bones lost between the boards born of one plays about the sea by the trying grandfather or the grandfather against the sea a oiseuse chance Fiançailles whose veil of illusion flashed back their obsession as well as the phantom of a gesture will stagger will lower madness WILL NOT ABOLISH

AS IF a simple insinuation with silence rolled up with irony or the precipitated mystery howled in some close swirl of hilarity and horror flies around the pit without strewing nor to flee and rocks some to it virgin index LIKE IF

plucks solitary éperdue except that the meeting or the effleure a hat of midnight and immobilizes with the velvet crumpled by esclaffement sinks this ridiculous rigid whiteness in opposition to the sky not to mark whoever exigžment too much bitter prince of the shelf is capped some like the heroic irresistible one but contained by its small virile reason in the lightning

concerned expiatoire and pubescent dumb man laughter that IF the lucid one and seigneuriale brush of giddiness to the invisible face scintillates then shade a dark nice stature upright in its torsion of siren the time of souffleter by impatient squames ultimate forked a rock false manor immediately evaporated in fogs which imposed a terminal ad infinitum

It WAS the NUMBER resulting stellar EXISTED IT differently than scattered hallucination of anguish COMMENÇÂT-IT AND CEASED IT sourdant that denied and close when finally appeared by some profusion spread in scarcity SE QUANTIFIED IT obviousness of the sum for little that one ILLUMINATED IT EC WOULD BE worse not more nor less indifferently but the Choit CHANCE the rhythmic feather suspense of the disaster to bury itself as much with original scums naguères from where started its is delirious to a summit faded by the identical neutrality of the pit

NOTHING the memorable crisis or was the event achieved for any human null result WILL HAVE TAKEN PLACE an ordinary rise pours the absence ONLY the PLACE lower unspecified lapping like dispersing the act empties abruptly which if not by its lie had founded perdition in these trimmings of vagueness in what any reality dissolves

EXCEPT with altitude PERHAPS also far a place amalgamates with with beyond out the interest as for him in general announced according to such obliqueness by such declivity of fires towards it must be so Northern North a cold CONSTELLATION of forgets and disuse not as much as it sidŽralement does not enumerate on some vacant and higher surface the successive clash of a total account in formation taking care doubting travelling shining and meditating before stopping at some last point which it crowns Very Pensée emits a Toss of the dice

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