United Nations General Assembly Resolution 67 (1)

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United Nations
A/RES/67 (1)

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General Assembly

Distr.: General
14 December 1946

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 14 December 1946

[Adopted by the General Assembly at its First session, Sixty-fourth plenary meeting, on 14 December 1946 (Resolution No. 67) (I)]

67 (1)Regional Conferences of Rep­resentatives of Non-Self-
Governing Territories

The General Assembly,
Considering that the resolution on Non-Self-Governing Peoples adopted during the first part of the first session of the General Assembly draws attention to the fact that the obligations accepted by Members of the United Nations under Chapter XI of the Charter are already in full force;
Recognizing the importance of the declaration contained in Chapter XI of the Charter especially as it concerns the peace and security of the world, and the political, economic, social and educational advancement of the peoples or Non-Self Governing Territories as well as their just treatment and protection against abuses;

Recommends all Members having or assuming responsibilities for the administration of Non-Sef-Governing Territories to convene conferences of representatives of Non—Self-Governing People: chosen or preferably elected in such a way that the representation of the people will be ensued to such an extent that the particular conditions of the Territory concerned permit, in order that effect my be given to the letter and spirit of Chapter XI of the Charter and that the wishes and aspirations of the Non-Self-Governing Peoples my be expressed.

Sixty-fourth plenary meeting,
14 December 1946.

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