United Nations Security Council Resolution 111

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Adopted by the Security Council at its 715th meeting, by 8 votes to 2 (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Yugoslavia), with 1 abstention (Iran), on 19 January 1956

The Security Council

Recalling its resolutions 54 (1948) of 15 July 1948, 73 (1949) of 11 August 1949, 93 (1951) of 18 May 1951, 101 (1953) of 24 November 1953, 106 (1955) of 29 March 1955,

Taking into consideration the statements of the representatives of Syria and Israel and the reports of the Chief of Staff of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization in Palestine[1] on the Syrian complaint that an attack was committed by Israel regular army forces against Syrian regular army forces on Syrian territory on 11 December 1955,

Noting that, according to the report of the Chief of Staff, this Israel action was a deliberate violation of the provisions of the General Armistice Agreement between Israel and Syria,[2] including those relating to the demilitarized zone, which was crossed by the Israel forces which entered Syria,

Noting also, without prejudice to the ultimate rights, claims and positions of the parties, that according to the reports of the Chief of Staff there has been interference by the Syrian authorities with Israel activities on Lake Tiberias, in contravention of the terms of the General Armistice Agreement between Israel and Syria,

1. Holds that this interference in no way justifies the Israel action;

2. Reminds the Government of Israel that the Council has already condemned military action in breach of the General Armistice Agreements, whether or not undertaken by way of retaliation, and has called upon Israel to take effective measures to prevent such actions;

3. Condemns the attack of 11 December 1955 as a flagrant violation of the cease-fire provisions of its resolution 54 (1948), of the terms of the General Armistice Agreement between Israel and Syria and of Israel's obligations under the Charter of the United Nations;

4. Expresses its grave concern at the failure of the Government of Israel to comply with its obligation;

5. Calls upon the Government of Israel to do so in the future, in default of which the council will have to consider what further measures under the Charter are required to maintain or restore the peace;

6. Calls upon the parties to comply with their obligations under article V of the General Armistice Agreement to respect the armistice demarcation line and the demilitarized zone;

7. Requests the Chief of Staff to pursue his suggestions for improving the situation in the area of Lake Tiberias without prejudice to the rights, claims and positions of the parties and to report to the Council as appropriate on the success of his efforts;

8. Calls upon the parties to arrange with the Chief of Staff for an immediate exchange of all military prisoners;

9. Calls upon both parties to co-operate with the Chief of Staff in this and all other respects, to carry out the provisions of the General Armistice Agreement in good faith, and in particular to make full use of the Mixed Armistice Commision's machinery in the interpretation and application of its provisions.

[1] Official Records of the Security Council, Tenth Year, Supplement for October, November and December 1955, document S/3516 and Add.1.
[2] Ibid., Fourth Year, Special Supplement No. 2.

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