United Nations Security Council Resolution 332

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United Nations Security Council Resolution 332 (1973)
the United Nations
186222United Nations Security Council Resolution 3321973the United Nations

Adopted by 11 votes to none with 4 abstentions (China, Guinea, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, United States of America) by the Security Council at its 1711st meeting, on 21 April 1973

Having considered the agenda contained in document S/Agenda/1705,

Having noted the contents of the letter of the Permanent Representative of Lebanon to the United Nations (s/10913)

Having heard the statements of the representatives of Lebanon and Israel,

Grieved at the tragic loss of civilian life,

Gravely concerned at the deteriorating situation resulting from the violation of Security Council resolutions,

Deeply deploring all recent acts of violence resulting in the loss of life of innocent individuals and the endangering of international civil aviation,

Recalling the General Armistice Agreement between Israel and Lebanon of 23 March 1949 and the cease-fire established pursuant to resolutions 233 (1967) of 6 June 1967 and 234 (1967) of 7 June 1967,

Recalling its resolutions 262 (1968) of 31 December 1968, 270 (1969) of 26 August 1969, 280 (1970) of 19 May 1970 and 316 (1972) of 26 June 1972,

1. Expresses deep concern over and condemns all acts of violence which endanger or take innocent human lives;

2. Condemns the repeated military attacks conducted by Israel against Lebanon and Israel's violation of Lebanon's territorial integrity and sovereignty in contravention of the Charter of the United Nations of the Armistice Agreement between Israel and Lebanon and of the Council's cease-fire resolutions;

3. Calls upon Israel to desist forthwith from all military attacks on Lebanon.

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