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United States Treaty Series (1776-1949)  (1968)  edited by Charles Irving Bevans
Volume 1


Compiled under the direction of

Charles I. Bevans, LL.B.

Assistant Legal Adviser, Department of State

Volume 1


The present compilation is designed to present in a convenient form the English texts or, in cases where no English text was signed, the official United States Government translations of treaties and other international agreements entered into by the United States from 1776 to 1950.

For several years the Department of State has been aware of the need for a consolidation of the texts of treaties and other international agreements of the United States. The establishment of the statutory volumes United States Treaties and Other International Agreements (UST) by an Act of Congress of September 23, 1950, effected this consolidation with respect to instruments brought into force after January 1, 1950, the date from which UST begins. Nearly two-thirds of the total number of treaties and agreements entered into by the United States between 1776 and 1968 have been concluded since 1949 and are therefore included in that publication.

Existing official compilations of the earlier treaties and agreements—those that antedate the UST volumes—do not meet the needs of either the United States Government or the American public. In the United States Statutes at Large, where the texts were officially published up to 1950, they are printed in 60 different bindings.

It has been nearly 60 years since the compilation known as the "Malloy" series began to come off the press and over 30 years since the fourth and last volume was published. The full title of that compilation, prepared under the direction of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the United States Senate, is Treaties, Conventions, International Acts, Protocols, and Agreements Between the United States and Other Powers. The first two volumes (1776-1909) were compiled by William M. Malloy, the third (1910-1923) by C. F. Redmond, and the fourth (1923-1937) by Edward J. Trenwith.

The only other significant official compilation of texts of United States treaties and agreements is one entitled Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States of America, edited by Hunter Miller. It consists of eight volumes (volume 1 is a short print) and carries only to the end of 1863. No further volumes of that publication are contemplated.

This new compilation will be approximately four times the length of the "Malloy" series. There are two principal reasons for the great increase in size: first, the large number of treaties and other international agreements entered into by the United States in the period between 1937 and 1950, many of which were extensive arrangements setting up the worldwide activities of the United Nations and its specialized agencies; and second, the inclusion in the new volumes of postal arrangements, agreements printed in the Executive Agreement Series, and certain other agreements not printed in the "Malloy" series.

The present series begins with several volumes of multilateral treaties and other agreements, arranged chronologically according to date of signature, to be followed by approximately 11 volumes of bilateral treaties and other agreements grouped under the names of the countries with which they were concluded. Each volume will have a relatively brief index. Cumulative analytical indexes of the texts of both multilateral and bilateral treaties and other agreements are planned.

Although this compilation contains headnotes and annotations covering all significant U.S. actions, it remains essentially a collection of texts. For current information regarding the status of the agreements printed herein, the reader will find it helpful to consult the publication Treaties in Force, which is issued by the Department of State under the date January 1 each year, and the Department of State Bulletin, which reports current actions week by week.

The merit of this work rests upon the comprehensive records maintained by the Treaty Staff and upon the labor of many devoted civil servants who have carefully surveyed the available records, collected the documents, added the annotations, and performed the essential editorial functions. It is, in every sense of the word, a cooperative product, and it has been made possible by the understanding and generous support of the Legal Adviser of the Department, Leonard C. Meeker.

Those of the Treaty Staff who have contributed especially in the preparation of this publication up to the time the first volume goes to press are Helen J. Zilch, who compiled much of the manuscript, Eunice W. Shafferman, who established editorial standards for the series and completed the first volume, her coworker and successor Madeline S. Patton, who has continued the compilation, Adeline D. Bencsik, who has begun work on the bilateral agreements, and Eleanor C. McDowell and William V. Whittington, who have resolved many difficult questions on texts and annotations.

Jerome H. Perlmutter, Chief of the Division of Publishing and Reproduction Services, and Dorothy M. Hine and Anne Katherine Pond of his Editorial Section, have contributed exceptional managerial and publishing skill in bringing this publication to a reality.

To all those named and to others who have contributed to this compilation or will be doing so in completing it, I express my sincere appreciation. I am confident that all will feel rewarded for their efforts by the continuing usefulness and convenience of this publication.

Charles I. Bevans
Assistant Legal Adviser
Department of State

Washington, D.C.
July 31, 1968


Preface iii
1776—1825 No multilateral agreements for this period
1826 March 21 Cemetery in Algiers 1
1839 November 5 Samoa: commerce, consular rights, shipping 3
1864 August 22 Amelioration of the condition of the wounded on the field of battle (Red Cross Convention) 7
October 22 Simonoseki indemnities 12
1865 May 31 Cape Spartel lighthouse 14
1866 June 25 Establishment of tariff duties with respect to Japan 18
1874 October 9 General Postal Union 29
1875 May 20 Weights and measures 39
1878 June 1 Universal Postal Union 51
1879 May 29 and 31 Observance of neutral territory in Samoa 63
June 7, 9, and 13 Regulations for neutral territory in Samoa 65
1880 March 24 Support of Samoan government 68
July 3 Right of protection in Morocco 71
1883 March 20 Protection of industrial property 80
1884 March 14 Protection of submarine cables 89
1885 March 21 Universal Postal Union 97
1886 March 15 International exchange of official documents 107
March 15 Immediate exchange of official journals, parliamentary annals, and documents 110
December 1 Protection of submarine cables 112
1887 July 7 Protection of submarine cables 114
1889 June 14 Neutrality and autonomous government in Samoa (General Act of Berlin) 116
1890 April 14 Pan American Union 129
1890 July 2 Slave trade and importation into Africa of firearms, ammunition, and spirituous liquors (General Act of Brussels) 134
July 5 International Union for the Publication of Customs Tariffs 172
1891 April 15 Protection of industrial property 183
June 13 Claims against Portugal regarding the Lourenço Marques Railroad concession 185
1897 July 4 Universal Postal Union 188
1899 June 15 Universal Postal Union 206
June 8 Liquor traffic in Africa: duties 226
July 29 Pacific settlement of international disputes (Hague, I) 230
July 29 Laws and customs of war on land (Hague, II) 247
July 29 Adaptation to maritime warfare of principles of Geneva convention of 1864 (Hague, III) 263
July 29 Prohibiting launching of projectiles and explosives from balloons (Hague, IV, 1) 270
November 7 Settlement of claims in Samoa 273
December 2 Adjustment of jurisdiction in Samoa 276
1899—1900 September 6, 1899—March 20, 1900 Commercial rights in China ("open door" policy) 278
1900 December 14 Protection of industrial property 296
1901 September 7 Settlement of matters growing out of the Boxer uprising (Boxer Protocol) 302
1902 January 15 Pacific settlement of international disputes (inter-American) 331
January 27 Exchange of publications (inter-American) 335
January 27 Literary and artistic copyright (inter-American) 339
January 29 Pan American Union 344
January 30 Arbitration of pecuniary claims (inter-American) 347
1903 May 7 Claims against Venezuela 351
December 3 International sanitary convention 359
1904 May 18 Suppression of white slave traffic 424
December 21 Exemption of hospital ships from taxation in time of war 430
1905 June 7 International Institute of Agriculture 436
August 15 International Association of Seismology 441
September 27 Whangpoo conservancy 446
October 14 Sanitary convention (inter-American) 450
1906 April 7 Morocco (General Act of Algeciras) 464
May 26 Universal Postal Union 492
July 6 Amelioration of the condition of the wounded and sick on the field of battle (Red Cross Convention) 516
August 7 Pan American Union 535
August 13 Arbitration of pecuniary claims (inter-American) 541
August 13 Status of naturalized citizens who return to country of origin (inter-American) 544
August 23 International Commission of Jurists (inter-American) 547
November 3 Liquor traffic in Africa: revision of duties 551
November 3 Telecommunication (wireless telegraph) 556
November 29 Unification of pharmacopœial formulas for potent drugs 568
1907 June 14 Pacific settlement of international disputes 575
October 18 Pacific settlement of international disputes (Hague, I) 577
October 18 Limitation of employment of force for recovery of contract debts (Hague, II) 607
October 18 Opening of hostilities (Hague, III) 619
October 18 Laws and customs of war on land (Hague, IV) 631
October 18 Rights and duties of neutral powers and persons in war on land (Hague, V) 654
October 18 Laying of automatic submarine contact mines (Hague, VIII) 669
October 18 Bombardment by naval forces in time of war (Hague, IX) 681
October 18 Adaptation to maritime warfare of principles of Geneva convention (Hague, X) 694
1907 October 18 Restrictions with regard to right of capture in naval war (Hague, XI) 711
October 18 Rights and duties of neutral powers in naval war (Hague, XIII) 723
October 18 Prohibiting discharge of projectiles and explosives from balloons (Hague, XIV) 739
December 9 International Office of Public Health 742
1910 May 4 Repression of circulation of obscene publications 748
August 11 Pan American Union 752
August 11 Literary and artistic copyright (inter-American) 758
August 11 Arbitration of pecuniary claims (inter-American) 763
August 20 Inventions, patents, designs, and industrial models (inter-American) 767
August 20 Protection of trademarks (inter-American) 772
September 23 Assistance and salvage at sea 780
1911 June 2 Protection of industrial property 791
July 7 (notes of July 7 and 18) Preservation and protection of fur seals 804
1912 January 17 International sanitary convention 814
January 23 (protocols of July 9, 1913; June 25, 1914; February 11, 1915— date of U.S. signature) Suppression of abuse of opium and other drugs 855
April 9 Whangpoo conservancy 879
1912 July 5 Telecommunication (radiotelegraph) 883
1913 April 21 Abolition of foreign settlements in Korea 894
July 9 Suppression of abuse of opium and other drugs—see January 23, 1912
1914 June 25 Suppression of abuse of opium and other drugs—see January 23, 1912
1915 February 11—date of U.S. signature Suppression of abuse of opium and other drugs—see January 23, 1912
October 19 Whangpoo conservancy 897
1916—1917 No multilateral agreements for this period

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