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Tarzan the Terrible[edit]

ERB's Seventh Tarzan Novel[edit]

Chapter 1: The Pithecanthropus
Chapter 2: "To the Death!"
Chapter 3: Pan-at-lee
Chapter 4: Tarzan-jad-guru
Chapter 5: In the Kor-ul-gryf
Chapter 6: The Tor-o-don
Chapter 7: Jungle Craft
Chapter 8: A-lur
Chapter 9: Blood-Stained Altars
Chapter 10: The Forbidden Garden
Chapter 11: The Sentence of Death
Chapter 12: The Giant Stranger
Chapter 13: The Masquerader
Chapter 14: The Temple of the Gryf
Chapter 15: "The King Is Dead!"
Chapter 16: The Secret Way
Chapter 17: By Jad-bal-lul
Chapter 18: The Lion Pit of Tu-lur
Chapter 19: Diana of the Jungle
Chapter 20: Silently in the Night
Chapter 21: The Maniac
Chapter 22: A Journey on a Gryf
Chapter 23: Taken Alive
Chapter 24: The Messenger of Death
Chapter 25: Home