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Hi, I'm AdamBMorgan. I initially migrated over from Wikipedia due to my interest in, amongst other things, pulp magazines and the pulp fiction that appeared in them. Since then, Wikisource has become my "home" site amongst the Wikimedia projects.

My favourite author is Robert E. Howard and I have been attempting to put as much of his works as possible on this site. This is likely to be a slow process, however, as a lot of the original documents are rather expensive and difficult to acquire in any freely-available form. I have other pulp magazines, however, (as well as similar period periodicals) and I have begun experimenting with scanning them for myself. Results are mixed so far but getting better. As these documents appear to be unavailable anywhere on the internet, it is nice to be able to (slowly) provide the world with scanned copies. I like the kind of fiction that was published in pulps and similar publications like the Boy's Own Paper—adventure, fantasy, science fiction etc.—regardless of period and I am interested in expanding the collection of these on Wikisource. In non-fiction, I am interested in science, history, exploration and travel literature. Fiction tends to take precedence but I have worked on these fields and will continue to do so in the future. On top of all this, I am interested in the multimedia aspects of Wikisource and, to this end, I have added several audiobooks from LibriVox to the matching Wikisource texts. This has been sidelined to some extent by the portals and other things but I intend to get back to it eventually.

I have been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, which probably isn't that rare on the various Wikimedia projects, and it does limit my people skills. This is not usually a problem on the internet, where communication is commonly via text and everyone tends to experience some loss of nuance, but I occasionally fail to pick up on unstated and/or subtle details (whether they are intended to be subtle or not). Please don't be offended (or too confused) if this happens. On the plus side, this may be the reason I like organising things. I organised the Portal namespace into a system based on the Library of Congress Classification system, after migrating them from index pages in the Wikisource namespace. I continue to monitor, expand and generally help with the portals here at Wikisource. I am also interested in expanding the Help pages, filling in some blanks in the Policy pages, solving occasional Category problems (duplications, inconnection, broken branches etc) and so forth. I may get around to all of that in the future.

I fear it may sometimes appear that I have some form of attention deficit disorder as well. I keep picking up tasks and becoming part of projects while also losing time to devote to the Wikisource. I am aware of this problem and have been trying to cut down... but then I forget for a moment and have something else on my list. I do intend to get back to all the projects that I appear to have dropped, and to finish the things that I've started, eventually. Hopefully I'll be able to do so sometime soon.



I, rather unexpectedly to be honest, become an administrator on this project a few years ago. For the benefit of anyone seeking admin help or just admin-related information about me, I have rated myself as follows, using the tutorial on Wikiversity as a guide (and the "What makes a good sysop?" section in particular):

Quality Self rating
Human Resources† Full StarHalf StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star
Technical skills Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarEmpty Star
Organisational skills† Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Hybrid skills‡ Full StarFull StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star
Problem solving Full StarFull StarFull StarEmpty StarEmpty Star
Fun and enthusiasm Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Please see aforementioned Asperger's Syndrome.
This is a combination of Human Resources and Technical skills.

I hope that's helpful if you are looking for assistance. For any of the low-scored qualities, I would recommend contacting a different admin but I can do what I can if necessary (or point you in the direction of someone else).

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Things I have started or need to start (other than proofreading):

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I have experimented with scanning pulp magazines for myself. The results are Avon Fantasy Reader #10 and Weird Tales (vol. 36, no. 1) listed above. Neither is perfect but they're okay for now. I have more to come eventually but it is even more time-consuming than I had at first thought. I have these to proofread anyway.



I am helping with these focussed projects:

(...and perhaps more, on and off, that do not require links as yet.)

Personal Project: Pulp magazines


I like pulp magazines and many are now in the public domain (in some cases only partially, as both the publisher and the authors could renew copyrights) yet they are also a gap in publicly available publications. I have scanned some of my own pulps and have several more to scan. I have also found a CD of them on eBay, from which I have been extracting the actually public domain works. I'm currently working on the following:

More on Commons

Personal Project: Audio files


I have experimented in adding spoken word versions of some texts. This started with adding the chapters of Red Shadows from Librivox. The actual recordings are on Wikimedia Commons. I have continued this for all files I can find for Robert E. Howard and I have started adding files for his correspondant H. P. Lovecraft.

I started marking the appropriate texts with the symbol on their author pages. After mentioning this on Scriptorium, Billinghurst created the template {{Spoken}} as a key. Since then, I have been adding this template, and the symbol, to the authors, and their works, that also have attached audio files. I'm not done yet, however, and this might take a while to finish.

I intend to add more Librivox audio files as time and my ISP's download limit allow.

Personal Project: Domesday Book


Following an interesting presentation about the Book at Wikimedia UK's 2012 AGM, I have considered trying to translate the Domesday Book into English as a Wikisource translation project. I have not attempted this yet but I have started two smaller prelude projects:

  1. Proofreading Wiltshire, Extracted from Domesday Book by Henry Penruddocke Wyndham. This book has a side-by-side Latin-English translation of one section of the Domesday Book (Wiltshire), which should be useful in understanding the Domesday Book and may be a quite useful reference in the full translation project.
  2. Transcribing the Domesday Book in Latin. There are links to index pages on my Latin Wikisource user page. Problems include, (a) this Domesday book is handwritten, which is not always easy to read; (b) it uses a lot of abbreviations, which makes reading it even harder; (c) I don't understand Latin; and (d) parts of the Book may use not-Latin words anyway (Wikipedia says "there were some vernacular words inserted for native terms with no previous Latin equivalent").