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Contents for OCTOBER, 1923

Claire Windsor (Cover Design) Rolf Armstrong
Screenland Gallery 11-14, 31-34


The Romantic Age of the Movies Robert E. Sherwood 15
 The Costume Picture's Develop into an Avalanche
Is This Waste? Helen Starr 17
 Fortunes are Annually Wasted Through Ego
The Adventures of Photoplay Phyllis John Held 20
 The Beginning of a Fascinating Cartoon Series
Rodolph Valentino and Matrimony Anna Prophater 22
 Mrs. Valentino says there is no secret of love
The Crepe de Chene Revolution Helen Lee 26
 How the photoplay has changed the taste of America
Does Gloria Believe It Herself? Delight Evans 29
 Is Miss Swanson just a good business woman?
Is the Screen Afraid of Sex Gladys Hall 36
 The Silversheet shuns the facts of sex
Bursting Bubbles Mildred Doherty 38
 Shattering Illusions Is Hollywood's indoor sport
Grand Larceny Eunice Marshall 40
 Anent the gentle art of stealing the picture
An Outline of Motion Picture Etiquette Delight Evans 44
 A humorous discussion upon correct picture behavior
The Movies? Absolutely, Mr. Gallagher! Harriette Underhill 46
 The comedians, Gallagher and Shean, invade the films
Hidden Wedding Rings Grace Kingsley 49
 How Film Weddings are kept secret
New Hope for the American Photoplay Constance Palmer Littlefield 62
 Victor Seastrong talks of our pictures
Stars In Embryo Ted Rupert 70
 Screenland's Hollywood artist observes the st extras
Fool's Gold Anonymous 79
 Further chapters of the Extra Girl's Diary


The Screen Year in Review Frederick James Smith 52
 A complete analysis of the film season
And Yet They Censor the Movies 56
 Photographic glimpses of the Stage Hits
Our Own News Reel 58
 The film news told in pictures
Autumn and Milady's Fashions 64
 The neatest fashions of the picture stars
The Listening Post Eunice Marshall and Constance Palmer Littlefield 72
 The gossip of Hollywood and New York