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WikiProject News

The project helps to co-ordinate and manage Wikisource:News.

New issue template[edit]

A template for starting new issues follows:

== [[Wikisource:Featured texts|Featured text]] for (MONTH) (YEAR) ==

== Collaborations for (MONTH) (YEAR) ==

== [[Wikisource:Administrators|Administrator confirmations]] ==

== Milestones ==

These items are headlines that are common each month and provide a basic foundation for the rest of the issue. They can be adapted or removed on a month-by-month basis as appropriate for events. New stories can be added as described below. The order can be changed if convenient.

When starting a new issue it can help to add the following to the top of the page (already included in the template):


This will enable an "Add topic" tab between "Edit" and "View history", making is easier to add new stories.

Suggesting or adding stories[edit]

Stories should be written to the appropriate issues, often next month's issue. Wikisource users are encouraged to write the stories directly rather than just suggest them.

Stories should usually follow the following format:

== Headline ==
<!-- [[|thumb|alt=Description|Caption]] -->
Story body...

Any primary wikilink appropriate to the story should be added to the headline.

Examples of content[edit]

News can include:

  • News concerning Wikisource and the Wikimedia projects in general.
  • Links to pages of online media who have written or talked about Wikisource.
  • Reports of important discussions which have taken place on wiki pages, on mailing lists, elsewhere on the Internet, or in real meetings.
  • Comments on featured texts, community collaborations, and monthly proofreads.
  • Requests for comments, including administrator's nominations, major proposals, and surveys.
  • "Milestones" and notable statistical data.
  • News to be shared with all contributors.
  • Monthly projects (started and completed) and the featured text for the month.
  • Anything of widespread interest to Wikisourcers.


Stories can be added to newsletter subpages ready for upcoming months. When the month arrives, the stories for the month will be shown on Wikisource:News. The current month can be edited as well if necessary.

Upcoming issues
Current month February 2023
Next month March 2023
Month + 2 April 2023
Month + 3 May 2023
Month + 4 June 2023
Month + 5 July 2023

Latest issue and template[edit]

This template: {{news}}

Creates this:



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