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This is a breakdown of the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) system as it could apply to Wikisource's Portal: namespace.

Applying the LCC to the portals will make the namespace easier to browse and navigate. Using LCC rather than a custom system gives Wikisource an established and respectable classification system. Using LCC rather than the Dewey Decimal System will be easier as Dewey is more complex.

The LCC system does need to be adapted a little to fit Wikisource but I've tried to explain that in the notes below. A method (or methods) of navigation will need to be decided as well.


The subject came up in the Scriptorium, under the heading More about Author: namespace vs Portal: namespace. Specifically, this point...

We provide searchable content, if we need a subject index to that we should adopt a published and authoritative one. cygnis insignis 06:30, 16 August 2010 (UTC)

...and this one...

What about Library of Congress Classification? No copyright issues there. Also, I don't think we should create 900 unused portals, nor limit ourselves to integer-level portals (if DD is used): there will always be some portals with far more material than others, so creating and dividing should be done as needed. —Spangineerwp (háblame) 15:54, 16 August 2010 (UTC)

Finally leading to my proposal (including Dewey and others) under the heading Structure Portals by Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress Classification. Hopefully, this page explains in more detail how this could work.

General Notes[edit]

  • The LCC system uses three letters followed by a number (which can then be followed by a further Cutter Number)
    • The first letter is the Class.
    • The second letter is the Subclass.
    • I don't know the correct term for the third letter so I'm calling it "Subclass 2" on this page. (Formerly "Sub-sub-class")
    • The number may not be necessary for Wikisource so I am ignoring it for the moment.
    • The Cutter Number is too much detail for Wikisource so it will be left out.
  • An additional portal (Portal:Index, Portal:Contents, Portal:Portals or similar) should sit above this system - just linking to the 21 Class portals.
    • One of the unused examples could list all of the portals, broken down by class and subclass.
    • Portal:Index (or whatever) can just be a table of links.
    • Each Class portal (eg. Portal:General Works) can either be a normal Wikisource portal or a table of links to Subclass portals.
  • The full list of red links below need not be used. Apart from the Index and the Classes, the rest can remain as red links until they are needed.
    • It would only take about thirty new portals to organise the Portal: namespace as it stands at the moment. More can be added later as and when required.
    • As this is the English Wikisource, we probably won't really need all of the language and literature portals for a start.
  • Existing or future portals can either,
    1. Sit beneath the subclass portals (eg. Portal:Journals is an existing portal which should be a child of Portal:English Literature, based on Subclass PR - English literature).
    2. Count as the subclass portals (eg. Portal:Collective works is an existing portal and subclass of Class A).
  • I've used title capitalisation (eg. "Portal:Law of the Sea") in this list but sentence capitalisation might be prefered (eg. "Portal:Law of the sea").
  • There is little or no difference between subclasses 1 and subclasses 2 but I have separated them into different columns for the table to make differentiating them easier. They are not necessarily in a parent-child relationship; the official LCC system has "Subclass DA - Great Britain" and "Subclass DAW - Central Europe."

Notes on adapting to Wikisource[edit]

Initially I attempted to just use the existing classification name as a portal. However, the LCC names do not match well to names used in Wikisource. Some names could be easily adapted, for example "Subclass GV - Recreation. Leisure" easily becomes "Portal:Recreation and Leisure." However, other LCC names are more of a list, the most extreme of which is "Subclass PT - German literature - Dutch literature - Flemish literature since 1830 - Afrikaans literature -Scandinavian literature - Old Norse literature: Old Icelandic and Old Norwegian - Modern Icelandic literature - Faroese literature - Danish literature - Norwegian literature - Swedish literature." In these cases I have added subclasses (in the Subclass 2 coumn) to the orignal subclass to accomodate each item in the list. All subclasses that I have added myself are shown in green in the list.

This is justified as an existing practice when adapting the LCC system to local or specific use. Wikipedia notes that "The National Library of Medicine classification system (NLM) uses the classification scheme's unused letters W and QS–QZ. Some libraries use NLM in conjunction with LCC, eschewing LCC's R (Medicine). Others prefer to use the LCC scheme's QP-QR schedules and include Medicine R."

NB: I have taken the first element (which would be "German literature" in the example above) as the existing subclass (PT above) and created subclasses for everything else (for example, "Dutch literature" becomes PTA, "Flemish literature" becomes PTB, and so forth). This seems to be the method used by LCC where secondary subclasses (the third letter) already exist and it prevents having unnecessary 'junction' portals that just link to the others. On the other hand, it does give the impression that the additional subclasses are child-portals of the first subclass (ie. the "Dutch literature" is a child of "German literature"). They can all become "child" subclasses of a junction portal if this is a problem.

Notes on Class K - Law[edit]

The subclasses of Class K (Law) have been omitted from the following list for the time being. Class K is very detailed and makes more use of the third classification letter than any other class (under the pre-existing system). Largely, there is a classification for each individual country's legal system as well as some extras.

For reference, the full classificaton can be read elsewhere on Wikisource, on Wikipedia and by following a link on the official Library of Congress Classification Outline webpage.

As an example, here is the list for Canadian Law and a few other bits:-

Original LCC Classification Class Subclass 1 Subclass 2 Portal Sub-Portal
Class K - Law - Portal:Law
Subclass KE - Canada (general) K E Portal:Law of Canada
Subclass KEA - Alberta K E A Portal:Law of Alberta
Subclass KEB - British Columbia K E B Portal:Law of British Columbia
Subclass KEM - Manitoba K E M Portal:Law of Manitoba
Subclass KEN - New Brunswick. Newfoundland. Northwest Territories. Nova Scotia K E N This might require extra subclasses for Wikisource.
Subclass KEO - Ontario K E O Portal:Law of Alberta
Subclass KEP - Prince Edward Island K E P Portal:Law of British Columbia
Subclass KEQ - Québec K E Q Portal:Law of Québec
Subclass KES - Saskatchewan K E S Portal:Law of Saskatchewan
Subclass KEY - Yukon Territory K E Y Portal:Law of the Yukon Territory
Subclass KEZ - Cities, towns, etc. K E Z Not sure how to implement this yet (if at all)
Subclass KWX - Antarctica K W X Portal:Law of Antarctica
Subclass KZ - Law of Nations. International law K Z Portal:Law of Nations
Subclass KZA - Law of the sea K Z A Portal:Law of the Sea
Subclass KZD - Space law. Law of outer space K Z D Portal:Law of Outer Space

Notes on Wikisource-specific Portals[edit]

Some portals, such as Portal:Salvation of Israel Project and Portal:Influential Books (both of which relate to WikiProjects), do not easily fit into this system. This can be solved by created a new class to contain Wikisource-specific portals. The classes I, O, W, X and Y are not used in the LCC system. Again, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) classification system uses W and some unused parts of Q for their own purposes.

Original LCC Classification Class Subclass 1 Subclass 2 Portal Sub-Portal
Class X - Wikisource - Portal:Wikisource
Subclass XA - WikiProjects X A Portal:WikiProjects
Subclass XB - Something else X B Something else
Subclass XC - Something else X C Something else

Notes on representation in the header template[edit]

Addition: I have created all the templates needed to implement this. They can be found in Category:Portal classification templates, the most important of which are {{Portal Class}} and {{Portal Parent}}.

The method of navigating the portal structure (as detailed in the list at the end of this page) will need to be chosen. It would help if this is standardised. This will also serve to announce to the reader the classification of the current portal. Additional "sideways" navigation could also help, linking to similar portals without the need to navigate up and then down again. Examples follow:

Main navigation[edit]

My personal favourite is the third example below (the first template) - or the fifth with both links and a template.

Example with classification links in parent field. Each letter links to a separate parent portal:

Portal: British Museum

Example with full classification names linked in the parent field (see {{Portal Parent}}):

Portal: British Museum

Example with a potential template in the notes section, with a sister link to show that the two templates do not conflict (see {{Portal Class}}):

Portal: British Museum
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

Example with a very slightly different potential template in the notes section (including an example of using the third letter):

Portal: Mare Liberum Doctrine
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

Example of a combination of the above systems for added redundancy:

Portal: British Museum
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

Example of header tabs. This probably won't fit Wikisource very well but I thought I'd include something as an example anyway:

A - General Works   AM - Museums    
Portal: British Museum

Additional navigation[edit]

A simple bullet-pointed list of sister portals in a "See Also" section is the simplest way to handle sideways navigation. However, some further templates might help.

If Template:Navbox worked it would be useful here, but it doesn't (I've fiddled with it a bit with no luck so far). Still a navbox, or similar template, for each Class, containing links to all the portals in that class, would be an example of a useful navigation aid.

Navigation between class without having to use the index is also useful.

This is stolen from Wikipedia's Template:Browsebar, although listing all of the LCC classes may be too much. The links are still Wikipedia links at the moment; note that they all link to anchors on one page rather than separate portals:

Portal: British Museum

Example of a possible adaptation (using just the letters helps to fit everything on one line but it doesn't make it clear what the letters actually mean to anyone not already familiar with the system):

Wikisource portals: A · B · C · D · E · F · G · H · J · K · L · M · N · P · Q · R · S · T · U · V · Z

Portal: British Museum


This is a full list, apart from Class K (see above), of the classes and subclasses of the LCC system along with their potential equivalent Wikisource portals.

LCC Classes
Existing LCC subclasses
Additional non-LCC subclasses
Original LCC Classification Class Subclass 1 Subclass 2 Portal Sub-Portal
Class A - General Works - Portal:General Works
Subclass AC - Collections. Series. Collected works A C Portal:Collective works
A C A Portal:Collections
A C B Portal:Series
Subclass AE - Encyclopedias A E Portal:Encyclopedias
Subclass AG - Dictionaries and other general reference works A G Portal:Dictionaries and General Reference
A G A Portal:Reference Works
Subclass AI - Indexes A I Portal:Indexes
Subclass AM - Museums. Collectors and collecting A M Portal:Museums
A M A Portal:Collectors and Collecting
Subclass AN - Newspapers A N Portal:Newspapers
Subclass AP - Periodicals A P Portal:Periodicals
Subclass AS - Academies and learned societies A S Portal:Academies and learned societies
Subclass AY - Yearbooks. Almanacs. Directories A Y Portal:Yearbooks
A Y A Portal:Almanacs
A Y B Portal:Directories
Subclass AZ - History of scholarship and learning. The humanities A Z Portal:History of Scholarship and Learning
A Z A Portal:The Humanities
Class B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion - Portal:Philosophy, Psychology and Religion
Subclass B - Philosophy (General) B Portal:Philosophy
Subclass BC - Logic B C Portal:Logic
Subclass BD - Speculative philosophy B D Portal:Speculative Philosophy
Subclass BF - Psychology B F Portal:Psychology
Subclass BH - Aesthetics B H Portal:Aesthetics
Subclass BJ - Ethics B J Portal:Ethics
Subclass BL - Religions. Mythology. Rationalism B L Portal:Religions
B L A Portal:Mythology
B L B Portal:Rationalism
Subclass BM - Judaism B M Portal:Judaism
Subclass BP - Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc. B P Portal:Islam
B P A Portal:Bahaism
B P B Portal:Theosophy
Subclass BQ - Buddhism B Q Portal:Buddhism
Subclass BR - Christianity B R Portal:Christianity
Subclass BS - The Bible B S Portal:The Bible
Subclass BT - Doctrinal Theology B T Portal:Doctrinal Theology
Subclass BV - Practical Theology B V Portal:Practical Theology
Subclass BX - Christian Denominations B X Portal:Christian Denominations
Class C - Auxiliary Sciences of History (General) - Portal:Sciences of History
Subclass CB - History of Civilization C B Portal:History Of Civilization
Subclass CC - Archaeology C C Portal:Archaeology
Subclass CD - Diplomatics. Archives. Seals C D Portal:Diplomatics
C D A Portal:Archives
C D B Portal:Seals
Subclass CE - Technical Chronology. Calendar C E Portal:Technical Chronology and Calendar
Subclass CJ - Numismatics C J Portal:Numismatics
Subclass CN - Inscriptions. Epigraphy C N Portal:Inscriptions and Epigraphy
Subclass CR - Heraldry C R Portal:Heraldry
Subclass CS - Genealogy C S Portal:Genealogy
Subclass CT - Biography C T Portal:Biography
Class D - World History (except American History) - Portal:World History
Subclass D - History (General) D Portal:History
Subclass DA - Great Britain D A Portal:History of Great Britain
Subclass DAW - Central Europe D A W Portal:History of Central Europe
Subclass DB - Austria - Liechtenstein - Hungary - Czechoslovakia D B Portal:History of Austria
D B A Portal:History of Liechtenstein
D B B Portal:History of Hungary
D B C Portal:History of Czechoslovakia
Subclass DC - France - Andorra - Monaco D C Portal:History of France
D C A Portal:History of Andorra
D C B Portal:History of Monaco
Subclass DD - Germany D D Portal:History of Germany
Subclass DE - Greco-Roman World D E Portal:History of the Greco-Roman World
Subclass DF - Greece D F Portal:History of Greece
Subclass DG - Italy - Malta D G Portal:History of Italy
D G A Portal:History of Malta
Subclass DH - Low Countries - Benelux Countries D H Portal:History of the Low Countries
Subclass DJ - Netherlands (Holland) D J Portal:History of the Netherlands
Subclass DJK - Eastern Europe (General) D K Portal:History of Eastern Europe
Subclass DK - Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics - Poland D K Portal:History of Russia
D K A Portal:History of the Soviet Union
D K B Portal:History of the Former Soviet Republics
D K C Portal:History of Poland
Subclass DL - Northern Europe. Scandinavia D L Portal:History of Northern Europe
D L A Portal:History of Scandinavia
Subclass DP - Spain - Portugal D P Portal:History of Spain
D P A Portal:History of Portugal
Subclass DQ - Switzerland D Q Portal:History of Switzerland
Subclass DR - Balkan Peninsula D R Portal:History of the Balkan Peninsula
Subclass DS - Asia D S Portal:History of Asia
Subclass DT - Africa D T Portal:History of Africa
Subclass DU - Oceania (South Seas) D U Portal:History of Oceania
Subclass DX - Romanies D X Portal:History of the Romanies
Class E - American History - Portal:History of the United States
Class F - Local History of the United States and British, Dutch, French, and Latin America - Portal:Local American History
Class G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation - Portal:Geography, Anthropology and Recreation
Subclass G - Geography (General). Atlases. Maps G Portal:Geography
G A Portal:Atlases and Maps
Subclass GA - Mathematical geography. Cartography G A Portal:Mathematical Geography
G A A Portal:Cartography
Subclass GB - Physical geography G B Portal:Physical Geography
Subclass GC - Oceanography G C Portal:Oceanography
Subclass GE - Environmental Sciences G E Portal:Environmental Sciences
Subclass GF - Human ecology. Anthropogeography G F Portal:Human Ecology
G F A Portal:Anthropogeography
Subclass GN - Anthropology G N Portal:Anthropology
Subclass GR - Folklore G R Portal:Folklore
Subclass GT - Manners and customs (General) G T Portal:Manners and Customs
Subclass GV - Recreation. Leisure G V Portal:Recreation and Leisure
Class H - Social Sciences - Portal:Social Sciences
Subclass H - Social sciences (General) H Portal:Social Sciences (general)
Subclass HA - Statistics H A Portal:Statistics
Subclass HB - Economic theory. Demography H B Portal:Economic Theory
H B A Portal:Demography
Subclass HC - Economic history and conditions H C Portal:Economic History and Conditions
Subclass HD - Industries. Land use. Labor H D Portal:Industries
H D A Portal:Land Use
H D B Portal:Labor
Subclass HE - Transportation and communications H E Portal:Transportation and Communications
Subclass HF - Commerce H F Portal:Commerce
Subclass HG - Finance H G Portal:Finance
Subclass HJ - Public finance H J Portal:Public Finance
Subclass HM - Sociology (General) H M Portal:Sociology
Subclass HN - Social history and conditions. Social problems. Social reform H N Portal:Social History
H N A Portal:Social Problems
H N B Portal:Social Reform
Subclass HQ - The family. Marriage. Women H Q Portal:The Family
H Q A Portal:Marriage
H Q B Portal:Women
Subclass HS - Societies: secret, benevolent, etc. H S Portal:Societies
Subclass HT - Communities. Classes. Races H T Portal:Communities
H T A Portal:Classes
H T B Portal:Races
Subclass HV - Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology H V Portal:Social Pathology
H V A Portal:Social and Public Welfare
H V B Portal:Criminology
Subclass HX - Socialism. Communism. Anarchism H X Portal:Socialism
H X A Portal:Communism
H X B Portal:Anarchism
Class J - Political Science - Portal:Political Science
Subclass J - General legislative and executive papers J Portal:General Legislative and Executive Papers
Subclass JA - Political science (General) J A Portal:Political Science (general)
Subclass JC - Political theory J C Portal:Political Theory
Subclass JF - Political institutions and public administration J F Portal:Political Institutions and Public Administration
Subclass JJ - Political institutions and public administration (North America) J J Portal:Political Institutions and Public Administration of North America
Subclass JK - Political institutions and public administration (United States) J K Portal:Political Institutions and Public Administration the United States
Subclass JL - Political institutions and public administration (Canada, Latin America, etc.) J L Portal:Political Institutions and Public Administration of America
Subclass JN - Political institutions and public administration (Europe) J N Portal:Political Institutions and Public Administration of Europe
Subclass JQ - Political institutions and public administration (Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Area, etc.) J Q Portal:Political Institutions and Public Administration of the World
Subclass JS - Local government. Municipal government J S Portal:Local Government
J S A Portal:Municipal Government
Subclass JV - Colonies and colonization. Emigration and immigration. International migration J V Portal:Colonies and Colonization
J V A Portal:Emigration and Immigration
J V B Portal:International Migration
Subclass JZ - International relations J Z Portal:International Relations
Class K - Law - Portal:Law
Omitted for the moment - see Notes on Class K - Law
Class L - Education - Portal:Education
Subclass L - Education (General) L Portal:Education (general)
Subclass LA - History of education L A Portal:History of Education
Subclass LB - Theory and practice of education L B Portal:Theory and Practice of Education
Subclass LC - Special aspects of education L C Portal:Special Aspects of Education
Subclass LD - Individual institutions - United States L D Portal:Educational Institutions of the United States
Subclass LE - Individual institutions - America (except United States) L E Portal:Educational Institutions of America
Subclass LF - Individual institutions - Europe L F Portal:Educational Institutions of Europe
Subclass LG - Individual institutions - Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean islands, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands L G Portal:Educational Institutions of the World
Subclass LH - College and school magazines and papers L H Portal:College and School Magazines and Papers
Subclass LJ - Student fraternities and societies, United States L J Portal:Student fraternities and societies
Subclass LT - Textbooks L T Portal:Textbooks
Class M - Music - Portal:Music
Subclass M - Music M Portal:Music
Subclass ML - Literature on music M L Portal:Literature on Music
Subclass MT - Instruction and study M T Portal:Instruction and Study
Class N - Fine arts - Portal:Fine arts
Subclass N - Visual arts N Portal:Visual Arts
Subclass NA - Architecture N A Portal:Architecture
Subclass NB - Sculpture N B Portal:Sculpture
Subclass NC - Drawing. Design. Illustration N C Portal:Drawing, Design and Illustration
Subclass ND - Painting N D Portal:Painting
Subclass NE - Print media N E Portal:Print Media
Subclass NK - Decorative arts N K Portal:Decorative Arts
Subclass NX - Arts in general N X Portal:Arts In General
Class P - Language and Literature - Portal:Language and Literature
Subclass P - Philology. Linguistics P Portal:Philology and linguistics
Subclass PA - Greek language and literature. Latin language and literature P A Portal:Greek Language And Literature
P A A Portal:Latin Language And Literature
Subclass PB - Modern languages. Celtic languages P B Portal:Modern Languages
P B A Portal:Celtic Languages
Subclass PC - Romanic languages P C Portal:Romanic Languages
Subclass PD - Germanic languages. Scandinavian languages P D Portal:Germanic Languages
P D A Portal:Scandinavian Languages
Subclass PE - English language P E Portal:English Language
Subclass PF - West Germanic languages P F Portal:West Germanic Languages
Subclass PG - Slavic languages and literatures. Baltic languages. Albanian language P G Portal:Slavic Languages And Literatures
P G A Portal:Baltic Languages
P G B Portal:Albanian Language
Subclass PH - Uralic languages. Basque language P H Portal:Uralic Languages
P H A Portal:Basque Language
Subclass PJ - Oriental languages and literatures P J Portal:Oriental Languages and Literature
Subclass PK - Indo-Iranian languages and literatures P K Portal:Indo-Iranian Languages and Literature
Subclass PL - Languages and literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania P L Portal:Languages and Literatures of Eastern Asia
P L A Portal:Languages and Literatures of Africa
P L B Portal:Languages and Literatures of Oceania
Subclass PM - Hyperborean, Indian, and artificial languages P M Portal:Hyperborean Languages
P M A Portal:Indian Languages
P M B Portal:Artificial Languages
Subclass PN - Literature (General) P N Portal:Literature
Subclass PQ - French literature - Italian literature - Spanish literature - Portuguese literature P Q Portal:French Literature
P Q A Portal:Italian Literature
P Q B Portal:Spanish Literature
P Q C Portal:Portuguese Literature
Subclass PR - English literature P R Portal:English Literature
Subclass PS - American literature P S Portal:American Literature
Subclass PT - German literature - Dutch literature - Flemish literature since 1830 - Afrikaans literature -Scandinavian literature - Old Norse literature: Old Icelandic and Old Norwegian - Modern Icelandic literature - Faroese literature - Danish literature - Norwegian literature - Swedish literature P T Portal:German Literature
P T A Portal:Dutch Literature
P T B Portal:Flemish Literature
P T C Portal:Afrikaans Literature
P T D Portal:Scandinavian Literature
P T E Portal:Old Norse Literature
P T F Portal:Modern Icelandic Literature
P T G Portal:Faroese Literature
P T H Portal:Danish Literature
P T I Portal:Norwegian Literature
P T J Portal:Swedish Literature
Subclass PZ - Fiction and juvenile belles lettres P Z Portal:Fiction and Juvenile Belles Lettres
Class Q - Science - Portal:Science
Subclass Q - Science (General) Q Portal:Science (general)
Subclass QA - Mathematics Q A Portal:Mathematics
Subclass QB - Astronomy Q B Portal:Astronomy
Subclass QC - Physics Q C Portal:Physics
Subclass QD - Chemistry Q D Portal:Chemistry
Subclass QE - Geology Q E Portal:Geology
Subclass QH - Natural history - Biology Q H Portal:Natural History and Biology
Subclass QK - Botany Q K Portal:Botany
Subclass QL - Zoology Q L Portal:Zoology
Subclass QM - Human anatomy Q M Portal:Human Anatomy
Subclass QP - Physiology Q P Portal:Physiology
Subclass QR - Microbiology Q R Portal:Microbiology
Class R - Medicine - Portal:Medicine
Subclass R - Medicine (General) R Portal:Medicine (general)
Subclass RA - Public aspects of medicine R A Portal:Public Aspects of Medicine
Subclass RB - Pathology R B Portal:Pathology
Subclass RC - Internal medicine R C Portal:Internal Medicine
Subclass RD - Surgery R D Portal:Surgery
Subclass RE - Ophthalmology R E Portal:Ophthalmology
Subclass RF - Otorhinolaryngology R F Portal:Otorhinolaryngology
Subclass RG - Gynecology and obstetrics R G Portal:Gynecology and Obstetrics
Subclass RJ - Pediatrics R J Portal:Pediatrics
Subclass RK - Dentistry R K Portal:Dentistry
Subclass RL - Dermatology R L Portal:Dermatology
Subclass RM - Therapeutics. Pharmacology R M Portal:Therapeutics
R M A Portal:Pharmacology
Subclass RS - Pharmacy and materia medica R S Portal:Pharmacy and Materia Medica
Subclass RT - Nursing R T Portal:Nursing
Subclass RV - Botanic, Thomsonian, and eclectic medicine R V Portal:Botanic, Thomsonian and Eclectic Medicine
Subclass RX - Homeopathy R X Portal:Homeopathy
Subclass RZ - Other systems of medicine R Z Portal:Other Systems of Medicine
Class S - Agriculture - Portal:Agriculture
Subclass S - Agriculture (General) S Portal:Agriculture (general)
Subclass SB - Plant culture S B Portal:Plant Culture
Subclass SD - Forestry S D Portal:Forestry
Subclass SF - Animal culture S F Portal:Animal Culture
Subclass SH - Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling S H Portal:Aquaculture
S H A Portal:Fisheries
S H B Portal:Angling
Subclass SK - Hunting sports S K Portal:Hunting Sports
Class T - Technology - Portal:Technology
Subclass T - Technology (General) T Portal:Technology (general)
Subclass TA - Engineering (General). Civil engineering T A Portal:Civil Engineering
Subclass TC - Hydraulic engineering. Ocean engineering T C Portal:Hydraulic Engineering
T C A Portal:Ocean Engineering
Subclass TD - Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering T D Portal:Environmental Technology
T D A Portal:Sanitary Engineering
Subclass TE - Highway engineering. Roads and pavements T E Portal:Highway Engineering
T E A Portal:Roads and Pavements
Subclass TF - Railroad engineering and operation T F Portal:Railroad Engineering and Operation
Subclass TG - Bridge engineering T G Portal:Bridge Engineering
Subclass TH - Building construction T H Portal:Building Construction
Subclass TJ - Mechanical engineering and machinery T J Portal:Mechanical Engineering and Machinery
Subclass TK - Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering T K Portal:Electrical Engineering
T K A Portal:Electronics
T K B Portal:Nuclear Engineering
Subclass TL - Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics T L Portal:Motor Vehicles
T L A Portal:Aeronautics
T L B Portal:Astronautics
Subclass TN - Mining engineering. Metallurgy T N Portal:Mining engineering
T N A Portal:Metallurgy
Subclass TP - Chemical technology T P Portal:Chemical Technology
Subclass TR - Photography T R Portal:Photography
Subclass TS - Manufactures T S Portal:Manufactures
Subclass TT - Handicrafts. Arts and crafts T T Portal:Handicrafts, Arts and Crafts
Subclass TX - Home economics T X Portal:Home Economics
Class U - Military Science - Portal:Military Science
Subclass U - Military science (General) U Portal:Military Science (general)
Subclass UA - Armies: Organization, distribution, military situation U A Portal:Armies
Subclass UB - Military administration U B Portal:Military Administration
Subclass UC - Maintenance and transportation U C Portal:Maintenance and Transportation
Subclass UD - Infantry U D Portal:Infantry
Subclass UE - Cavalry. Armor U E Portal:Cavalry
U E A Portal:Armor
Subclass UF - Artillery U F Portal:Artillery
Subclass UG - Military engineering. Air forces U G Portal:Military Engineering
U G A Portal:Air Forces
Subclass UH - Other services U H Portal:Other Military Services
Class V - Naval Science - Portal:Naval Science
Subclass V - Naval science (General) V Portal:Naval Science (general)
Subclass VA - Navies: Organization, distribution, naval situation V A Portal:Navies
Subclass VB - Naval administration V B Portal:Naval Administration
Subclass VC - Naval maintenance V C Portal:Naval Maintenance
Subclass VD - Naval seamen V D Portal:Naval Seamen
Subclass VE - Marines V E Portal:Marines
Subclass VF - Naval ordnance V F Portal:Naval Ordnance
Subclass VG - Minor services of navies V G Portal:Minor Services of Navies
Subclass VK - Navigation. Merchant marine V K Portal:Navigation
V K A Portal:Merchant Marine
Subclass VM - Naval architecture. Shipbuilding. Marine engineering V M Portal:Naval Architecture
V M A Portal:Shipbuilding
V M B Portal:Marine Engineering
Class Z - Bibliography, Library Science - Portal:Bibliography and Library Science
Subclass Z - Books (General). Writing. Paleography. Book industries and trade. Libraries. Bibliography Z Portal:Books
Z A Portal:Writing
Z B Portal:Paleography
Z C Portal:Book industries and trade
Z D Portal:Libraries
Z E Portal:Bibliography
Subclass ZA - Information resources (General) Z A Portal:Information Resources

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