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World History

Top level portal for Class D: World History

Subclass D: General history

General history covers general topics in history and subjects that cover more than one geographic area.

Child portals: Ancient culturesCharlemagneCold WarCrusadesEastern QuestionMiddle AgesPiratesWorld War IWorld War II (HolocaustNuremberg trials)

Subclass DA: History of Great Britain

History of Great Britain covers the history of the British Isles (including England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) as well as related subjects such as the British Empire.

Child portals: ChartismDiggers • English Civil War (Verney family) • Domesday surveyGlorious RevolutionHistory of the United Kingdom in the Second World War

Subclass DAW: History of Central Europe

Subclass DB: History of Austria

Subclass DBA: History of Liechtenstein

Subclass DBB: History of Hungary

Subclass DBC: History of Czechoslovakia

Subclass DC: History of France

Subclass DCA: History of Andorra

Subclass DCB: History of Monaco

Subclass DD: History of Germany

Subclass DE: History of the Greco-Roman World

History of the Greco-Roman world covers the area of classical antiquity in general and any works that are not specific to either Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome.

Subclass DF: History of Greece

Subclass DG: History of Italy

Subclass DGA: History of Malta

Subclass DH: History of the Low Countries

History of the Low Countries covers the history of the coastal region of north western Europe, including Belgium and Luxembourg but not the Netherlands.

Subclass DJ: History of the Netherlands

Subclass DJK: History of Eastern Europe

History of Eastern Europe covers the slavic people as well as the regions around the Black Sea, the Carpathian Mountain region, the Danube River Valley and Pannonia.

Child portal: Russo-Turkish Wars

Subclass DK: History of Russia

History of Russia covers subjects such as Tsarist Russia, the Soviet Union and modern Russia.

Child portal: Crimean WarRussian Revolution

Subclass DKB: History of the Former Soviet Republics

History of the Former Soviet Republics covers the history of the area in eastern Europe and western/central Asia that used to be the republics of the Soviet Union. This includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Siberia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Subclass DKC: History of Poland

Subclass DL: History of Scandinavia

History of Scandinavia covers Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and associated islands.

Subclass DP: History of Spain

Subclass DPA: History of Portugal

Subclass DQ: History of Switzerland

Subclass DR: History of the Balkan Peninsula

History of the Balkan Peninsula covers the history of the region in the South East of Europe. This includes the current and historical countries of Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Thrace, Turkey, Yugoslavia, and others.

Child portal: Armenian Genocide

Subclass DS: History of Asia

History of Asia covers the history of the Asian continent, except for those countries that are former Soviet Republics. This includes Babylon and Palestine, to Afghanistan and India, to China and Japan, and many more.

West: Ancient Near EastInvasion of IraqPentagon's Harmony documents

Central: Bagram Theater Internment FacilityInternational military forces in AfghanistanSoviet Invasion of Afghanistan

East: Lytton ReportKorean WarOpium WarsRusso-Japanese WarVietnam War

Subclass DT: History of Africa

History of Africa covers the history of the African continent.

North: Ancient EgyptBarbary WarsMahdist WarRif Wars

South: Anglo-Zulu WarBoer Wars

Subclass DU: History of Oceania

History of Oceania covers the history of the area of the Pacific Islands and surrounding countries.

Child portals: History of AustraliaYagan

Subclass DX: History of the Romanies

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