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Geography, Anthropology and Recreation

Top level portal for Class G: Geography, Anthropology and Recreation

Subclass G: Geography

Geography is the science that studies the lands, the features, the inhabitants, and the phenomena of the Earth.

Child portal: Exploration

Subclass G*A: Atlases and maps

Atlases and maps are visual representations of areas, often symbolically showing the relations of elements within that area.

Subclass GA: Mathematical geography

Compass icon
Compass icon

Mathematical geography is the branch of geography that deals with the figures and measurements of the earth, including seasons and tides.

Subclass GAA: Cartography

Compass icon
Compass icon

Cartography is the study and practice of making maps.

Subclass GB: Physical geography

Physical geography is that branch of geography which deals with natural features.

Subclass GC: Oceanography

Ocean surface icon
Ocean surface icon

Oceanography is the branch of geography that deals with the oceans.

Subclass GD:Economic Geography

Economic geography is that branch of geography which deals with the study of the spatial variation of human economic activities.

Subclass GE: Environment

Globe icon
Globe icon

Environment covers education, policy, and social movements related to the natural world or ecosystem.

Subclass GF: Human geography

Community icon
Community icon

Human geography is the branch of geography which deals with the study of people, communities and cultures.

Subclass GN: Anthropology

Vitruvian Man
Vitruvian Man

Anthropology is the scientific and social study of humanity.

Child portal: Cultural anthropology

Subclass GR: Folklore

Mermaid icon
Mermaid icon

Folklore is the popular tradition—the tales, legends and superstitions—of a particular ethnic population.

Child portals: Arthurian legendMermaidsReynardRobin Hood

Subclass GT: Manners and customs

Manners and customs covers common ways of behaviour and practices in society.

Child portals: April Fools' DayArbor DayFashion (Spirella) • Holidays (Halloween, Valentine's Day) • HousingInternational Women's DayWomen's Equality Day

Subclass GV: Recreation and leisure

Chess piece (pawn) symbol
Chess piece (pawn) symbol

Recreation and leisure covers hobbies and activities that occupy a person's free time.

Child portal: Boy Scouts of AmericaChessIce hockeyIndianapolis 500Sports

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