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WikiProject Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library

This project is to coordinate collaboration with the aim of transcribing material from the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library onto Wikisource.

Official logo of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library


The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum is a federal agency and part of the Presidential Libraries System of the National Archives and Records Administration.

It is physically located on the north campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The library houses archival materials on the life, career, and presidency of Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States.

As part of a Wikimedian in Residence program with Michael Barera, material from the Library has been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and is available for transcription on Wikisource.


PDF documents from the Library have already been uploaded to Commons and many of these are listed on the /Works subpage, along with their current status.

Wikisource turns PDF documents (or other formats) into text via the ProofreadPage extension. Transcription takes place in the workspace, made up of the Page and Index namespaces, before being transcluded to the main namespace (or "mainspace"). Works in the mainspace are for general reading, with the workspace acts as the backrooms where the proofreading and validation occurs.

Help:Proofreading gives an overview of this process, with links to other help pages about the different stages.

To summarise: Each PDF document, or work, has an Index page that coordinates proofreading for the whole of that document. Each page in the document has a page in the Page namespace; which are all listed on the Index page. Any of these pages can be edited at any time. Proofreading just involves getting the wikitext in the left window to appear like the text in the page scan in the right window.

The pages shown on the Index page are color-coded to indicate their page status. Not proofread (red) pages have been started but not finished, proofread (yellow) pages have been finished but need review, validated (green) pages have been proofread and checked by a second user (there is also problematic (blue) for pages with errors and without text (grey) for blank pages). Page status is controlled by buttons near the edit summary field. When all pages are either grey or green the work is finished.

Users can start proofreading new documents by starting a new index page or join in with other proofreaders by picking an existing index page and proofreading some pages.

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