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Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.
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Interest is British genealogy. Bringing old resources back to the world.

Project involvement[edit]

Lots of Author pages in place for Contributors to DNB, hopefully with resulting obituaries, especially for those who don't have a Wikipedia entry.

Plus see #DNB

Bot sDrewthbot[edit]

Available to update works at English Wikisource and at Commons, and by arrangement and with the permissions of the other Wikisources.

Major Works[edit]

Works completed[edit]




UK and Ireland[edit]

Biographical works[edit]

Works in progress[edit]

Biographical texts[edit]

Parts extracted as needed

Eminent Scotsmen[edit]

Fasti ecclesiae Anglicanae[edit]

Catholic Encyclopedia listing[edit]

at Catholic Encyclopedia

The Biographical Dictionary of America[edit]

at The Biographical Dictionary of America

Things to Do[edit]


Grab and convert[edit]

University of London General Register parts I and II (published 1890, 1899)

  • Part I includes graduates who died before 31 December 1890 and those who were undergraduates up until 31 March 1883 but had not passed an examination up until 31 December 1890.
  • Part II contains graduates who died, 1 January 1891- 30 March 1899, and those who were undergraduates, 31 March 1883-31 March 1893, but had not passed an examination by 31 March 1899.

University of London General Register part III (published 1901)

  • Details of all graduates and undergraduates up until 31 March 1901 (except those listed in parts I-II); Names of Chancellors, officials, and teachers up until 1901.

University of London Historical Record, 1836-1926 (published 1926)

Victoria University, Manchester

Pages to create[edit]


  • {{spoken}} add option of |song


  • Portal subpages to apply, discuss template first.
  • Look to a means to create a usable text/template for Wikitionary quotation/citation. Thought would be to have at Index: page, so that it grabs meta data, and would request user input for the word and the page number, noting that want it to point to document in main namespace, not in page environment. Grander plan would be that it then adds it in directly, though let us start with production of wikitext to paste into place.
  • Create schema and review link templates for Grove's Dictionary of Music
  • Find and fix where {{process header}} is used within the main/author/portal namespace and convert appropriately
  • {{wikipediaref}} and {{wikipediarefb}} to be incorporated into respective headers
  • steal {{edit filter warning}} from enWP
  • investigate {{ba}}

References and underlying templates[edit]

Cat filter to create[edit]

Create an Author filter so that the error at Category:Authors with DefaultSort error is captured and directed like no header. — billinghurst sDrewth 08:25, 6 January 2011 (UTC)


Maintenance categories[edit]

Categories that accumulate maintenance

Searches with interesting content[edit]



Small Unicode Capital Unicode
d 𝔡 𝔡 D 𝔇 𝔇
f 𝔣 𝔣 F 𝔉 𝔉
p 𝔭 𝔭 P 𝔓 𝔓
s ſ ſ


  • # for #
  • * for *
  • [ for [
  • ] for ]
  • { for {
  • } for }
  • ✠ for ✠
  • ɭ for ɭ
  • 〟 for 〟
  • „ for „

Research tools[edit]

Tools for helping to search, sort and disambiguate authors


(biographical works above)


Quick links[edit]