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The current Proofread of the Month is

The Lives of the Poets-Laureate  (1891)
by Wiltshire Stanton Austin & John Ralph.

Last month completed: Modern Poets and Poetry of Spain
The next scheduled collaboration will begin in July.

November 2009[edit]


  1. Index:The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - copy D.djvu
  2. Index:The Idea of Progress.djvu
  3. Index:Plato or Protagoras.djvu
  4. Index:A study in scarlet.djvu
  5. Index:CORSETS: An Analysis
  6. Index:Cakes, cookies and confections.djvu
  7. Index:Nature (1836).djvu
  8. Index:The Martyrdom of Ferrer.djvu
  9. Index:Seven Poems, E. E. Cummings, 1920.djvu
  10. Index:Wills Act 1837.djvu
  11. Index:Notes on equitation and horse training.djvu
  12. Index:The Myth of Occams Razor.djvu
  13. Law and Authority (1886)
  14. Index:The Perth gazette and Western Australian journal, Volume 1, Number 2
  15. The Visit of Charles Fraser to the Swan River in 1827
  16. Frontiers
  17. Index:MKGandhi patriot.djvu
  18. Index:On the Relative Motion of the Earth and the Luminiferous Ether.djvu
  19. Index:Lundy's Lane Battle.djvu
  20. Index:Suspension of Habeas Corpus during the War of the Rebellion


  1. Index:List of Carthusians 1800-1879.djvu
  2. Index:The Origins of Totalitarianism.djvu
  3. Index:Transactions of the Geological Society, 1st series, vol. 2.djvu
  4. Index:The War and the Churches.djvu
  5. Index:A Concise History of the U.S. Air Force
  6. Index:Fair Circumvention.djvu
  7. Index:The Western Mail/24 December 1897/The Abrolhos tragedy


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Feb 2010 bonus[edit]

In preparation for the completion of the work

{{userbox|id=[[File:Featured article star - check.svg|40px]]|info=<center>[[WS:POTM|Proofread of the Month bonus award<br />February 2010]]<br />''[[Index:Mars - Lowell.djvu|Mars]]''</center>}}

To do

vol count[edit]

Month Works number checked to
2009-06 Index:Omnibuses and Cabs.djvu Yes check.svg Done
2009-07 Index:A Dictionary of Music and Musicians vol 1.djvu Yes check.svg Done
2009-08 Index:The English Constitution (1894).djvu Yes check.svg Done
2009-09 Index:Notes on the churches in the counties of Kent, Sussex, and Surrey.djvu Yes check.svg Done
2009-10 Index:Old-Time Recipes for Home Made Wines Cordials and Liqueurs.djvu Yes check.svg Done
2009-11 Validation month 29 Yes check.svg Done
2009-12 Index:Romain Rolland Handel.djvu Yes check.svg Done
2010-01 Index:The Passenger Pigeon - Mershon.djvu
Index:Celtic Fairy Tales.djvu
20+ Yes check.svg Done
2010-02 Index:The Craftsmanship of Writing.djvu
Index:Mars - Lowell.djvu
30+ Yes check.svg Done
2010-03 Index:BulldogDrummondSapper.djvu
Index:A Beacon to the Society of Friends.djvu
25 Yes check.svg Done
2010-04 Index:Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc.djvu 21 16th

September 2010[edit]

For initial attempt (pre-move)

Substitute work

Validation month — November 2010[edit]


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  • AngelPrincess72
  • Beeswaxcandle
  • Billinghurst
  • BirgitteSB
  • Cygnis insignis
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  • Feydey
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  • Longfellow
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  • Prosody

POTM watch[edit]


Jan 2013[edit]

  1. Evolution of the thermometer Kathleen.wright5‎; Moondyne; ‎Londonjackbooks‎; Billinghurst‎; Laverock‎; Erasmo Barresi‎; William Maury Morris II; EncycloPetey‎; MODCHK‎; BirgitteSB; MarkLSteadman‎; EVula‎; Zyephyrus‎; Wylve‎; Angelprincess72; Hesperian
  2. The Early English Organ Builders and their work Billinghurst‎; Londonjackbooks‎; Beeswaxcandle; Moondyne‎; Kathleen.wright5‎; Laverock‎; OrbiliusMagister‎; Euterpia; Marjoleinkl‎; EVula‎; Iain Bell‎; William Maury Morris II‎; EncycloPetey‎; Wylve‎; MarkLSteadman‎; Keith Edkins; Slowking4‎; Slgrandson‎;
  3. Tensing Exercises +++ AdamBMorgan;
  4. Index:How to write a Short Story.djvu +++ Mpaa
  5. Japanese flower arrangement + Qlexander‎
  6. English as She is Spoke + JeepdaySock‎
  7. Mr. Punch's Book of Sports + Chris55; Sunwin1960; Wellparp; Wolfgang42
  8. The Cycle Industry + Xensyria