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Welcome gentle visitor :)

During 2014 I intend to work on:

Open book nae 02.svg Cuore | Open book nae 02.svg A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man | Sans Famille (scan)

If you feel like contributing to one or several of those texts,

please, don't hesitate at all!

Gnome-help-openclipart.svg Help is here.


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November is Validation month
A special Proofread of the Month to complete works proofread once.

Popular Science Monthly Volume 20

Last month completed: Moll Flanders
The next scheduled collaboration will begin in December.

The Politics Progress bar small 10.png. Different translations, see how to name them. Same for The Poetics and for La Fontaine.
You'll be welcome on my user's page in the French Wikisource too:
L’Ami commun (Our Mutual Friend) Progress bar small 100.png

Check if Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
Is the same text as The Little White Bird.

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Transcription Projects ~ Cranky Librarian Project. Tools: Separator - Override author - T | scan | scan
Replace Mme. / Mme ~ Sidenotes - Orbis sensualium pictus (this one?) - <pagelist />
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