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Hello, welcome to my user page! My name (in case you haven't guessed it from my username) is Mike Peel. I'm a postdoctoral researcher at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, which is part of the University of Manchester. I work on the Planck satellite and the C-Band All Sky Survey. My personal website is at

I've been editing the English Wikipedia for over 10 years now (see my first edit on 17 March 2005). I've been an English Wikipedia administrator since 2007; I am open to recall. I co-founded Wikimedia UK in 2008, and I served on its Board of Trustees until 2013. I organised the first Wikipedia Editathon at the British Library in 2011, and I helped with the creation of the first Wikipedian in Residence. I supervised two summer students working on Wikipedia's science articles in 2014. You can find all of my on-wiki contributions at Special:CentralAuth/Mike_Peel.

I am a member of the Wikimedia Foundation's Funds Dissemination Committee. I was one of its initial members from 25 September 2012 until 2014, and I was elected on 15 May 2015 to serve a second term. My COI statement and pledge are at FDC Pledge and COI 2015 (previous versions are also online: 2013 pledge and COI, outdated 2013 version, 2012 version). I have a legitimate alternative account that I may use when acting in this role. I maintain a public record of my Wikimedia compensation. When I was both a trustee of WMUK and a member of the FDC I managed my conflict of interest according to my declaration of interest.

I've uploaded over 10,000 photos to Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons license as I enjoy seeing them used both on Wikipedia and elsewhere (both online and offline). If you're using one of my photos, then I only ask for two things: that you follow the Creative Commons license that I've released the image under (which primarily asks that you to attribute me, and that you share any derivative works under the same license); and for you to drop me a message to let me know. My photographs can be found in commons:Category:Photos by Mike Peel.

If you want to start a new article, I've posted some suggestions at User:Mike Peel/Missing articles.

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Below are some of the Wikipedia articles that I've significantly contributed to. I don't own them, but I follow their development closely as I'm interested in learning more about their subjects, and I want to make sure that they continue to be accurate and well-referenced.

Current projects: Herschel Museum of Astronomy40-foot telescopeHerschel MedalPresident of the Royal Astronomical SocietySTV Astrid

Featured articles and lists: Big Bang (FAR) — List of space telescopesList of Administrators and Deputy Administrators of NASAList of solar eclipses in the 21st centuryList of moons

Good articles: Astrid (brig)AMiBAB of the BangHulme Arch BridgeJodrell Bank ObservatoryUpper Brook Street Chapel, Manchester

Started: Trentham Monkey Forest (8 March 2014) — Huxley Hoard (1 March 2014) — Aqua Luna (21 August 2013) — Astrid (brig) (25 July 2013) — 40-foot telescope (22 November 2008) — AMiBA (21 October 2008) — Upper Brook Street Chapel, Manchester (16 March 2008)

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