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Tarzan the Untamed[edit]

ERB's Sixth Tarzan Novel[edit]

Chapter 1: Murder and Pillage
Chapter 2: The Lion's Cave
Chapter 3: In the German Lines
Chapter 4: When the Lion Fed
Chapter 5: The Golden Locket
Chapter 6: Vengeance and Mercy
Chapter 7: When Blood Told
Chapter 8: Tarzan and the Great Apes
Chapter 9: Dropped from the Sky
Chapter 10: In the Hands of Savages
Chapter 11: Finding the Airplane
Chapter 12: The Black Flier
Chapter 13: Usanga's Reward
Chapter 14: The Black Lion
Chapter 15: Mysterious Footprints
Chapter 16: The Night Attack
Chapter 17: The Walled City
Chapter 18: Among the Maniacs
Chapter 19: The Queen's Story
Chapter 20: Came Tarzan
Chapter 21: In the Alcove
Chapter 22: Out of the Niche
Chapter 23: The Flight from Xuja
Chapter 24: The Tommies