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Uploading files
Instructions for uploading files for Wikisource.

The main use for files is as the source for Wikisource texts. These will almost always be in the DjVu file format (pronounced as "déjà vu"). These instructions also cover the uploading of images, audio and video files.


All files should be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons rather than directly uploaded to Wikisource. Commons is the file repository for Wikimedia and this allows the files to be used across the assorted sister projects. However, Commons' policy on copyright is slightly different than Wikisource's policy. Commons requires that all files be both out of copyright in the files' home nation (eg. Canada for Canadian books) as well as in the United States. Wikisource only requires that files be free to use in the United States (where both projects are physically located). Any files that are permitted on Wikisource but not on Commons may be uploaded directly to Wikisource.


Scanned documents for use as a source for proofreading should be in the DjVu (.djvu) file format. Audio files should be in Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) file format. Video files should be in Ogg Theora (.ogv) format. Image files may be in a variety of formats, including JPEG, GIF, SVG and PNG.

Acquiring files[edit]

Files can either be created by the user or found on the internet.

Own work[edit]

For more information on how to create DjVu files and image see:

For more information about creating audio files see:


The most common source of files is the Internet Archive. This site hosts DjVu files, images, ideo and audio. LibriVox is a project devoted to recording public domain audiobooks and is one of the main sources of audio files for Wikisource. These audiobooks are hosted on the Internet Archive and may be downloaded from either site.

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For more information about sources of files on the internet see:

Manual upload[edit]

Automated upload[edit]

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