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Awards for participation

Hi all. I’m new here but I worked in other wiki projects with the same nick. I mostly worked into, but I worked a little into too.


Free space[edit]

This is a work by an anonimous fellow, hand-painted and located near a I World War trench, into Italian Karst. The text is a brief poem by Giuseppe Ungaretti, and says, more or less,

Here men
do stay
as leaves
on trees
in Fall

A good example of a wikisourcian approach...

I’m a MD, but my main interest - dealing with the web and wiki - is horsemanship. Here I am to publish some old, good sources about horses and horsemanship, the first one being "The Modern Art of Taming Wild Horses", by J. S. Rarey (1858). Let me some time to study a little this new environment... --Alex brollo 05:46, 3 June 2008 (UTC)

My user page on it.s, where I’m presently working: Alex brollo, press here to send me a message into my it talk page.

Some time has gone, and I’m happy to tell you that.... this is my home now! A special thank to John, an excellent tutor! --Alex brollo 07:24, 16 July 2008 (UTC)

Proofread engine is running on it.s by now (August 3,2008) ... I’m sad to tell you that I’m going to go back at home... Use this link to my it.s talk page if needed. :-(

Lots of thanks to all from you for your kindness and the huge amount of tutoring.

Update, January 2010[edit]

Here I am again. :-)

A great thank to Ineuw, who greatly rewarded me for some suggestions. So, it is possible that some from my "exotic-exoteric" thoughts and tricks mixing templates, ParserFunctions and so on could be useful here too. Most of them would be simply a rought original implementation of well-known, already running code (in Italy, we use "scoprire l’acqua calda", "to discover the warm water", to define such ideas... ;-)), some, perhaps, are not completely unuseful.... I can’t say, so I’m going to open a subpage WIP and a second subpage Data and to post there such original scripts to share them with any curious and patient user. :-)


Just to test the bot... Yes it runs. :-) --Alex brollo (talk) 22:08, 7 May 2010 (UTC)