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Template Workyear[edit]

Works published or created in the year {{{1}}}{{{2}}}.

[[:Category:{{{1}}}0s works|{{{1}}}0s works]]: [[:Category:{{{1}}}0 works|{{{1}}}0]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}1 works|{{{1}}}1]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}2 works|{{{1}}}2]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}3 works|{{{1}}}3]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}4 works|{{{1}}}4]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}5 works|{{{1}}}5]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}6 works|{{{1}}}6]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}7 works|{{{1}}}7]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}8 works|{{{1}}}8]]-[[:Category:{{{1}}}9 works|{{{1}}}9]]

[[:Category:{{{1}}}0s works| CORNELIUSSEON/Resources]]


{{Workyear|decadeyear | yeardigit}} where
decadeyear is the three-digit decade, like 181 for 1810 to 1819, 198 for 1980-1989, 201 for 2010-2019 etc.
yeardigit is the single digit year, e.g. 5 for the year 5 in the above decade year.

So if one were to code {{Workyear|161|7|}} it would generate a text of Works published in the 1617 and would generate links for 1610 works, 1611 etc. through 1619 works along with a category for 1610s works.

Category Works By year[edit]

Works by year
This category and its subcategories groups works according to the year in which they were created or published.


Category "10th century works"[edit]


Category works by Subject[edit]

This category groups works by specific subject.


Category History[edit]

History is the study and analysis of accounts of past events, or the interpretation of physical materials in relation to written accounts. Only a small range of historical "facts" can actually be verified. Most researchers who study historic accounts, historians, are aware that our present perspective colors our interpretation of past events. Therefore, a number of opinions and interpretations of historic events can be presented, and may be of equal value. However, opinions and analysis based on primary sources—documents produced during or shortly after the period in question—are usually considered the most valuable.

Category:Works by subject Category: Works by genre Category:Social sciences

Category constitutional document[edit]




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