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I am a Canadian Geek, thus the name. I am not a Geek in a Can as many assume. I've been on Wikipedia for many years, though I have not been editing much as of late. I recently found Wikisource and will probably edit things here when I am time. I'm a undergraduate chemistry major, with the goal of becoming a professor and academic. My other interests lie in the areas of computers, roleplaying games and fiction.

My first large contribution was editing & proof reading a number of poems in In Flanders Fields and Other Poems. This has taught me to hate dropcaps (though they do look pretty) and to despise those who do not understand the emdash. I'll probably be doing some work in the writings of H. P. Lovecraft & Robert E. Howard soon as I'm using those source texts for a roleplaying game. Like D&D but pulp horror. What? I said I was a geek! You can find my writings on the topic of roleplaying games at [1] or talk to me on Twitter at [2]

Anyway if you are working on a project you think would interest me then drop me a line. I'm not very skilled with wikimarkup or HTML but am willing to learn. I am pretty good with LaTeX, so can help on works that need mathematical typesetting. Also, I'm working on a degree in chemistry, so any chemistry works would be of interest to me.

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