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Index:The World's Famous Orations Volume 6.djvu

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Title The World's Famous Orations, Volume 6: Ireland.
Editor William Jennings Bryan
Year 1906
Publisher Funk and Wagnall
Source djvu
Progress Done—All pages of the work proper are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded
Validated in August 2011
Vol. VI— Ireland (1775—1902)
Burke—I On Conciliation with America (1775) 3
   II Principles in Politics (1780) 40
  III At the Trial of Warren Hastings (1788) 50
Grattan—I A Plea for Irish Legislative Independence (1780) 59
   II Invective Against Corry (1800) 71
SheridanAt the Trial of Warren Hastings (1788) 77
Curran—I In Behalf of Rowan and Free Speech (1794) 99
   II At the Prosecution of Johnson for Libel (1805) 127
Wolf ToneOn Being Found Guilty (1798) 132
EmmetOn Being Found Guilty of Treason (1803) 137
Charles Phillips—I An Address to Catholics 149
   II The Character of Napoleon (About 1817) 157
Lord PlunketOn Catholic Relief (1821) 162
Sheil—I On the Irish as "Aliens" (1837) 173
   II On the Disabilities of the Jews (1848) 177
Isaac ButtAt the Bar of the House of Lords (1840) 188
O'ConnellIn Favor of the Repeal of the Union (1843) 195
MeagherOn Abhorring the Sword (1846) 209
A. M. SullivanOn the Zulu War (1879) 217
Parnell—I On the Forged Letter Printed in the London Times (1887) 224
   II On the Home Rule Bill (1888) 230
Michael DavittOn the Irish Land League (1889) 244
John DillonOn the Death of Gladstone (1898) 253
John E. RedmondIreland and the Coronation (1902) 256