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[en] As a dedicated Wikimedian, I don't limit myself to just one project or just one language.

Everything you need to know about me as an admin, plus everything I need to reference to be an admin. (purge)
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If you're unhappy with some admin-ish thing I've done...[edit]

...I'd recommend you drop me a line on my talk page.

Actually, I'd recommend you take a deep breath, make sure I actually did screw up (entirely possible), then drop me a line.

Please, do not email me about admin stuff; I try to keep everything on-wiki if at all possible. I keep all blocked user talk pages on my watchlist, and will check back on them a few hours after I've left my notice.

Administrative information[edit]


See Wikisource:Administrators/Archives/EVula, which is marginally more interesting than me just typing up a bunch of dates.


Usual haunts[edit]





Working examples[edit]



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The current Proofread of the Month is

Kutenai Tales  (1918)
by Franz Boas.

Last month completed: A History of Japanese Colour-Prints
The next scheduled collaboration will begin in August.

For when I'm bored[edit]

Stuff to do that would be mind-boggingly boring for damn near anyone else. ;)

Interwiki notes[edit]

These are mainly notes for myself, trying to map out non-English naming conventions so that I don't keep missing language editions when I hunt out new interwiki links to add to the mix.

Author birth categories

ar:تصنيف:مواليد 123 br:Rummad:Ganedigezhioù 123 en:Category:123 births eo:Kategorio:Naskiĝintoj en 123 es:Categoría:N123 fr:Catégorie:Naissance en 123 id:Kategori:Kelahiran 123 ko:분류:123년 태어남 no:Kategori:Fødsler i 123 th:หมวดหมู่:ผู้แต่งที่เกิดในปี พ.ศ. 543 tr:Kategori:123 doğumlular uk:Категорія:Народжені у 123-ому vi:Thể loại:Sinh 123 zh:Category:123年出生

Author death categories

ar:تصنيف:وفيات 123 br:Rummad:Marvioù 123 en:Category:123 deaths eo:Kategorio:Mortintoj en 123 es:Categoría:F123 fr:Catégorie:Décès en 123 id:Kategori:Kematian 123 ko:분류:123년 죽음 no:Kategori:Dødsfall i 123 th:หมวดหมู่:ผู้แต่งที่เสียชีวิตในปี พ.ศ. 543 uk:Категорія:Померлі у 123-ому vi:Thể loại:Mất 123 zh:Category:123年逝世

Year categories

br:Rummad:123 es:Categoría:123 no:Kategori:123 ru:Категория:123 год