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  1. For a biography article of an individual who has authored plant names, provide the standard author abbreviation used for that individual.
  2. Include the article in Category:Botanists with author abbreviations.


{{botanist|author abbreviation}}





This template should be placed in the description field of the {{author}} template. This template should only be used in the Author namespace.


If the author page on which this template is used is connected to Wikidata, this template can access the botanist author abbreviation (property P428) directly from the appropriate data item. In this case, the template can simply be used as {{botanist}} with no additional parameter necessary.

Author abbreviation[edit]

To encourage consistency the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN) recommends (Recommendation 46A.4, Note 1) the use of Brummitt & Powell's Authors of plant names (1992), where each author of a botanical name has been assigned a unique abbreviation.[1] [2] These standard abbreviations can be found at the IPNI, Author Query page. For example in:


This template emits an hCard microformat, using the HTML classes fn, n,nickname, and vcard. Please do not remove these, nor collapse the nested elements which apply them.

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