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Grover Cleveland's EOs[edit]

Barack Obama's EOs[edit]

JFK's EOs[edit]

LBJ's EOs[edit]

Executive Order 10834[edit]

Executive Order 13316[edit]

Executive Orders needing formatting help[edit]

Executive Order 9260[edit]

Awards and decorations of the United States Merchant Marine[edit]

Army Chief of Staff[edit]

WWII Major Commands and Commanders[edit]

Selective service[edit]

Federal Debt[edit]


Indian treaties and laws[edit]

Fleet Admiral and General of the Army[edit]

George Dewey and Admiral of the Navy[edit]

George Washington and General of the Army / Armies[edit]


US Military and Presidential Executive Orders[edit]

Good info[edit]

w:Medal for Merit[edit]

w:Vice Presidential Service Badge[edit]

w:Meritorious Service Medal[edit]

w:Presidential Citizens Medal[edit]

w:Armed Forces Service Medal[edit]

w:Southwest Asia Service Medal[edit]

w:Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and Expeditionary Medal[edit]

w:Afghanistan Campaign Medal and w:Iraq Campaign Medal[edit]

w:Purple Heart Medal[edit]

w:National Defense Service Medal[edit]

w:National Security Medal[edit]

w:Medal of Freedom[edit]

Korean Service Medal[edit]

Armed Forces Reserve Medal[edit]

Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal[edit]

Secretary duties and succession plans[edit]

w:Secretary of Defense[edit]

w:Secretary of the Army[edit]

w:Secretary of the Air Force[edit]

Lots of Secretary succession plans[edit]

General Orders No. 114[edit]

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