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Testing this template, alongside its sandbox and other relevant templates and characters.

  • lorem——————ipsum {{bar}} Bar of default length.
  • lorem—————— ipsum {{bar/sandbox}} Bar (sandbox) of default length.
  • lorem——ipsum {{bar|2}} Bar of 2 em.
  • lorem—— ipsum {{bar/sandbox|2}} Bar (sandbox) of 2 em.
  • lorem———ipsum {{bar|3}} Bar of 3 em.
  • lorem——— ipsum {{bar/sandbox|3}} Bar (sandbox) of 3 em.
  • lorem———ipsum {{longdash}} A long dash.
  • lorem———ipsum {{longdash|3}} A "long dash".
  • lorem—ipsum Just an em dash.
  • lorem—ipsum {{--}} An em dash without surrounding hair-spaces.
  • lorem―ipsum Just an horizontal bar character. Not supported in many fonts.

Note that the {{}} template (i.e. the template title was an em dash), which rendered an em dash with hair-spaces, no longer exists.