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I'm a reader, sitting with my laptop in the coffeeshops of Freo, enjoying both the old tech of bound books and the new of wiki interaction—and the jolly fun conversion of texts between the two (as in: paper → scans → Wikisource → pagination → printer → signatures → paper → binding).

I'm a Software Engineer with the WMF Community Tech team. My official account is User:SWilson (WMF). I work for or provide services to the Wikimedia Foundation, but this is my personal account. Edits, statements, or other contributions made from this account are my own, and may not reflect the views of the Foundation.

My Projects[edit]

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November 2011

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November 2015

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Some things that I've helped with, and why…

  • Terræ-filius: or, the Secret History of the University of Oxford: I wanted to add a citation to Wiktionary:Golgotha of the first recorded use of that term as meaning the rooms of the heads of colleges, because someone queried whether I'd just made it up. So I started transcribing the whole work.
  • The West Australian and other newspapers: The Fremantle local history collection has been keeping clippings from newspapers for sixty years or more, and a few years ago I started a database of these. Many from before 1954 (i.e. the public domain ones) are available on Trove, so I've an idea of adding some of these issues to Wikisource.
  • Miscellaneous Papers on Mechanical Subjects by Joseph Whitworth: Contains one of the original papers about mechanically flattening reference plates (which activity I am, from time to time, engaged in: three great slabs of granite and umpteen rounds of grinding…).
  • Base Facilities Report: In 2011 an old US Navy laundry building in Fremantle was scheduled for demolition, and the history of the US Navy's 'occupation' of Fremantle was brought to public attention. This was one of the documents used to determine what else was extant from those days (nothing) and to help the case for the retention of the shed.
  • The Fremantle Wharf Crisis of 1919: Proofread, because sometimes it's nice to sit and read.
  • Twilight (Frankau): Proofread (or 'smoothread', as Project Gutenbergians call it) after it was the PotM for June 2012.
  • History of West Australia by W. B. Kimberly: Proofread because I live here, and also saw a few typographical errors in the first few pages.
  • Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackery
  • The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf: Probably the best-proofread book I've read from Wikisource (i.e. required the fewest fixes post-validation).
    p. 58: "I always think it's living, not dying, that counts. I really respect some snuffy old stockbroker who's gone on adding up column after column all his days, and trotting back to his villa at Brixton with some old pug dog he worships, and a dreary little wife sitting at the end of the table, and going off to Margate for a fortnight—I assure you I know heaps like that—well, they seem to me really nobler than poets whom every one worships, just because they're geniuses and die young. But I don't expect you to agree with me!"
  • Vocabulary of the Aboriginal Language of Western Australia: A six-part serial published in the The Perth gazette and Western Australian journal. Part of a project to add Noongar language material to Wiktionary.
  • Live and Let Live: Proofread; only a couple of dozen corrections.
  • Moll Flanders and Roxana: Quite a lot of typos in this one; so many that I only read the first book of the two in this work. I do like reading 18th century novels though.
  • A Bride from the Bush.
  • Twelve Years a Slave.
  • Howards End:
    “To trust peo­ple is a lux­ury in which only the wealthy can indulge; the poor can­not afford it.”
    — p.35, a thought of Margaret’s.
    “You remem­ber ‘rent’? It was one of father’s words — Rent to the ideal, to his own faith in human nature. You remem­ber how be would trust strangers, and if they fooled him he would say, ‘It’s bet­ter to be fooled than to be sus­pi­cious.’ — that the con­fi­dence trick is the work of man, but the want-of-confidence trick is the work of the devil.”
    — p.41, Mar­garet again.
  • Haworth's.
  • The Lodger.

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