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Introduction—Movement in general—Molecular movements—Muscles—Organ and function—Muscular contraction 1
Myograph—Electricity as stimulus—Action of nerve—Continuous current—Interrupted current—Induction coil—Graphic method—Time in physiological phenomena—Chronographs—Study of contraction—Latent period 33
Study of tetanus or cramp—Simple contraction and muscle curve—Muscle sound—Elasticity of muscle—Inherent irritability of muscle—White blood corpuscles—Cilia—Structure of muscle— End-plates in muscle 69
Action of a nerve—Rapidity of nerve-current—Nature of nerve-current—Analogy with electric current—Nerveless animals—Heat in muscle—Muscles liberate mechanical energy and heat—Chemical changes in muscle 102
Source of muscular energy—Food stuffs—Milk—Muscle as an engine—Repair of muscle—Ratio of mechanical energy and heat—Fatigue of muscle—Athletics 131
Electrical phenomena of muscle—Current of resting muscle—Current of acting muscle—Negative variation—Animal electricity—Electric fishes—Resemblance of electric organ to muscle—Relation of muscular motion to nervous system—Conclusion 161
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