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interaction of {{oldstyle}} with {{asc}} or {{sc}}

effects of the mysterious vanishing hyphen[edit]

header with year parameter[edit]

{{header}} issue with "year" parameter wherein two spaces generated around the year on each side rather than one

  • i.e., it displays as "Poems␣␣(1811)␣␣by William Cullen Bryant" rather than "Poems␣(1811)␣by William Cullen Bryant"
  • Multiple things at play
    • the two whitespace characters altered in Special:Diff/11865863/next are necessary for proper spacing of the header output
    • technically only removing the one on the left has effect, because of the one on the right overlapping with whitespace character   output in header module line 443 for the "by author" part
      • presumably mediawiki collapses these two whitespace characters into one because they are both in the same html tag (but does not also collapse the ones around the year because those are in a separate tag)
      • this line was added in this revision of Module:Header
    • The spaces around the year are added in template header/year, which is called by Module:Header
    • Note that this spacing issue does not occur when using "override_year" parameter because "override_year" is handled directly in Module:Header rather than being passed to {{header/year}}
    • To sum up: there are two whitespaces on each side (we'll number them 1, 2, 3, 4 from left to right)

keep in mind[edit]