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I'm theDood. I'm a huge fan of old literature, and wanna make Wikisource THE place for finding and reading old literature. I mostly try to do Victorian and Pulp era stuff. I have been known to be a rebel to the copyright policy of Wikisource, so watch out! You never know what I'm gonna do.

Current Projects[edit]

Hiatus Projects[edit]

Future Projects[edit]

  • I might do Andrew Lang and his translation to the Arabian Nights.


I always use Project Gutenberg, Gutenberg Austrailia, Athelstane, and Pulpgen. Pulpgen is a VERY good source for Pulp fiction, and I definately recommend it. These are the sources I use regularly, although Athelstane only has a few authors (but the few authors they do have, they contain all of their works).

I am also using Jess Nevins Captain Mors site for his Captain Mors pulp stories.