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Hello Kyoko, and welcome to Wikisource. I noticed your edit summary in our recent changes channel, but your edits are looking very good already. I've tweaked My Love Is Like to Ice a bit, particularly changing it to the special <poem> formatting (which simplifies line breaks and indenting), and adding a license template and category. Help:Categorization is useful if you would like to fully categorize your work, but this is something that is often done later. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or post on the community discussion page. :) —{admin} Pathoschild 01:28:56, 28 May 2007 (UTC)

Hi Pathoschild, thanks for the welcome. Even though I have quite a bit of Wikipedia experience, things seem to work a bit differently here, and I still need to figure out things like the changes in syntax. For example, on Wikipedia, if I typed [[de:John Keats]] I would create a link to the German language article on John Keats. How do I make the same sort of link to a Wikipedia site from here? Figuring out the normal way of adding texts will also take some time, but I'm in no rush, and I'm glad to help! Thanks again, Kyoko 04:26, 28 May 2007 (UTC)[reply]
[[de:John Keats]] will add an interlanguage link to the Deutsch Wikisource. To link to a Wikipedia article in the text, use [[w:John Keats]] (or [[w:de:John Keats]] for the Deutsch Wikipedia). The syntax is the same, but from a different point of origin. This is described in more depth at m:Help:Interwiki linking, or feel free to ask me if you have any questions. —{admin} Pathoschild 04:36:28, 28 May 2007 (UTC)
Good thing I watchlisted your page, thanks for the tips! Kyoko 04:52, 28 May 2007 (UTC)[reply]
You're welcome. :) —{admin} Pathoschild 05:00:02, 28 May 2007 (UTC)