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The autopatrolled permission saves new page patrollers time by automatically marking new pages created by editors with the permission as patrolled. The right is granted to experienced users who have demonstrated an understanding of policy (especially Wikisource:Policies and guidelines and Wikisource:Copyright policy) and have already created a good number of pages according to Wikisource:Style guide.

The autopatroller user right is intended to reduce the workload of new page patrollers and causes pages created by autopatrollers to be automatically marked as patrolled. It means that the user can be trusted to not submit inappropriate material, deliberately or otherwise … and that the user submits new material often enough that it is more efficient to mark it all as approved preemptively.

An administrator can grant this right, at their discretion, to trusted users who regularly create pages and have demonstrated they are familiar with Wikisource's policies and guidelines. This right is usually not granted upon request, administrators patrolling recent changes usually grant it as they see fit, often after many thousands of problem-free edits in various namespaces.

Administrators do not need to request or add this user right for themselves or other administrators; it is automatically granted as part of the administrator tools package (specifically, the autopatrol permission).

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